• Man U, Saints hunt League Cup on Sunday

    first_img Top four meeting Pts P W D L GF GA GD 1. Chelsea 60 25 19 3 3 52 18 34 2. City 52 25 16 4 5 51 29 22 3. Tottenham 50 25 14 8 3 46 18 28 4. Arsenal 50 25 15 5 5 54 28 26 5. Liverpool 49 25 14 7 4 54 30 24 6. Man United 48 25 13 9 3 38 21 17 7. Everton 41 25 11 8 6 40 27 13 8. West Brom 37 25 10 7 8 34 31 3 9. Stoke 32 25 8 8 9 30 36 -6 10. West Ham 32 25 9 5 11 34 43 -9 11. Southampton 30 25 8 6 11 28 31 -3 12. Burnley 30 25 9 3 13 27 36 -9 13. Watford 30 25 8 6 11 29 42 -13 14. Bournemouth 26 25 7 5 13 35 49 -14 15. Swansea 24 25 7 3 15 31 54 -23 16. Middlesbrough 22 25 4 10 11 19 27 -8 17. Leicester 21 25 5 6 14 24 43 -19 18. Hull 20 25 5 5 15 22 49 -27 19. Crystal Palace 19 25 5 4 16 32 46 -14 20. Sunderland 19 25 5 4 16 24 46 -22 Meanwhile, in Spain, there’s a top four meeting, and it seems the worst possible timing for Barcelona. Atletico Madrid host the second-place Catalan club on Sunday in the midst of a four-match winning run at home. And Barcelona’s confidence has been battered by a 4-0 humiliation at Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League and a difficult 2-1 win over relegation-threatened Leganes on the return to domestic duty. But if Luis Enrique can turn it around, the coach could end the weekend on top with Real Madrid. The two-time defending champions are only one point behind leaders Real Madrid, who play on Sunday at Villarreal, where they have not won since 2014. In Italy, this weekend could be decisive in determining the European ambitions of Atalanta and Inter Milan, who are currently level in Europa League spots. Atalanta’s youthful, mainly homegrown team has greater ambitions: Champions League qualification. Tomorrow, Atalanta take on Napoli, who are six points ahead in the third and final Champions League place. Inter face a tough game on Sunday, hosting second-place Roma, who have an eight-point advantage over them in second place. Juventus are already seven points in front of Roma and play struggling Empoli tomorrow. Points standingcenter_img LONDON, (AP): The first trophy of the English season will be handed out Sunday at Wembley, a more familiar stadium for Manchester United than League Cup final opponents Southampton. The last time Southampton visited seven years ago, they won the Football League Trophy as a third-tier side. Now firmly established in the Premier League, the south coast team is chasing its first major honour since beating United in the 1976 FA Cup final. Jose Mourinho takes charge of United in a cup final for the first time, with one eye on the more important pursuit of England’s four Champions League places. United are sixth in the Premier League and Liverpool can pull further ahead Monday by beating defending champions Leicester, who are hovering above the relegation zone. At the top, leaders Chelsea host Swansea and third-place Tottenham take on Stoke. Arsenal and Manchester City have the weekend off because they were to play Southampton and United, respectively.last_img read more

  • ‘Withdraw Tweah’s Appointment’

    first_imgThe president of the University of Liberia Alumni Association (ULAA), Mr. James Davis, II, is calling on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to withdraw the appointment of Mr. Norris Tweah as the new Vice President for UL Relations.Mr. Davis, II told this newspaper that as president of ULAA, he thinks Mr. Tweah’s appointment by the President undermines the university’s by-laws.According to him, Article III Section 2 of the institution’s by-laws “clearly states that Officers of Administration and Instruction of the University of Liberia shall be nominated by the President of the University of Liberia for Approval by the Board of Trustees. Therefore, the appointment of Mr. Norris Tweah by the President of Liberia and Visitor to the University of Liberia is in violation of the by-laws or Charter of the University of Liberia.”Mr. Davis, II, who is also a member of the UL Board of Trustees, stated that one of the tenets of good governance is the respect for rule of laws. “I’m convinced that President Sirleaf is an adherent of the rules of law.  She will adhere to this call to withdraw the appointment of Mr. Tweah as Vice President to the flagship state University of Liberia.” He clarified that he and others are not against Mr. Tweah serving their alma mater; instead, “We are against the procedural error that has characterized his appointment.”Davis, described Mr. Tweah as an astute individual with a wealth of experience and credibility, who could immensely contribute to the UL. “BUT his appointment by the Visitor contravenes the University of Liberia by-laws or Charter.”He emphasized that, as enshrined in the UL Charter, the UL president, who is presently Dr. Emmet Dennis, is the only person with that authority to nominate a Vice President for approval by the UL Board of Trustees. “President Sirleaf and the president of the University of Liberia should now begin a constitution about Mr. Tweah’s appointment, and if possible, the president of UL should nominate Mr. Tweah to the UL Board of Trustee for approval to avoid any further attempt to undermine the University of Liberia By-Laws or Charter,” Davis said, suggesting a way forward.Dr. Dennis could not be reached for comments as his mobile phone rang endlessly.Mr. Tweah replaces Prof. Dr. S. Momolu Getaweh, who is now the Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs of UL.Prior to his appointment, Mr. Tweah served as Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism.  He served for more than seven years at the Ministry and had received three appointments from President Sirleaf.As part of his core responsibilities at UL, Mr. Tweah is to establish an effective public relations system and strategy that will promote the goals of the University  and create the most positive image and branding of the nation’s premier University; engage in lobbying exercises on behalf of the University;  articulate the values of the University to the developmental needs of the local and external community, testify, when necessary, on behalf of the university before Government and Non-Government agencies and bodies, both foreign and national, as well as assume oversight of the UL Public Affairs, UL Postal Office and the UL Protocol Activities.He holds a Master’s Degree in Development Administration (MDA) and a Bachelor’s in Communication from the Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA.  He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Law (LLB) from the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia. He was admitted to the Liberian Bar Association in August 2014 to practice law in Liberia.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

  • Representatives exist to give effect to the will of the people

    first_imgDear Editor,Our Constitution makes it unambiguously clear that supreme power, or sovereignty, or authority to make decisions which affect their lives, belongs to the people, and the elected representatives exist to give effect to the will of the people.As an RDC councillor, when I took the oath, I swore to discharge my duties without fear or favour, affection or ill-will. I intended to do just that. In addition, at every RDC meeting, the prayer is read by the Clerk of Council, who exhorts everyone to invoke ‘divine guidance’ in all our deliberations, so that we could be able to serve our region. I have never taken this prayer lightly as well.I have written many missives on corruption with the intention of opening the ‘eyes’ of the relevant authorities, so that our citizens can have value for money. When in opposition, this Government made ‘corruption and transparency’ their mantra on the political platform. Now that they are in Government, the corruption chant suddenly died, and those who highlight corrupt practices are being attacked and threatened to keep their mouths shut.I wish to make it clear that I was expelled from the AFC because I dared to expose corruption and cronyism within the AFC. Today the same evil practices are in existence, but have been multiplied exponentially.In one of my letters, I wrote about corruption in Region 6, and I made reference to the ‘junk’ bulldozer issue.The REO wrote a strong letter to the Chairman, which was circulated to all the RDC councilors, demanding that I recant what I had written. She claimed that I implied that no bond was in existence when what I stated was that I queried the existence of the bond. In that letter, she claimed that a bond is in existence. However, at the last RDC statutory meeting, it was discovered that no such bond was in existence. In fact, bond dated 13th March, 2018 was for an entirely new contract for the supply of a D3 angle blade bulldozer.In another part of the said letter, I wrote what the fishermen at #43 Village told me with regards to the work which was done on the #43 Canal and the excavation work which was supposed to commence on the clearing and excavation of the channel.What I did was to relate their grievance, so that it can be heard. I bore no malice towards anyone, especially the contractor, whom I did not name when I reported the fishermen’s conversation with me. I bear absolutely no ill-will or malice, and I do unreservedly apologize if he feels that way!It is my understanding that, as a councillor, I need to communicate and collaborate widely, and I need to engage citizens in my region, listen, and highlight their grievances and advocate for them. In the case of the #43 fishermen’s plight, the situation had reached crisis point with no resolution in sight. They were losing money and they were frustrated. I had to make known their grievances, so that their lives can be returned to normal.My intention is to represent those people, and to make a difference to the quality of their lives, which have seen more than a month’s deterioration.At the last RDC meeting, an APNU councillor took offence to the fact that I was highlighting alleged practices of cronyism and corruption. Mr Fraser, in addressing the Council, demanded that I stop writing negative things in the press, and that I should highlight the progress. What progress he is referring to I am still in a quandary to fathom. He fully supported the REO, even though it was evidenced that no bond existed on the junk bulldozer.Yours sincerely,Haseef YusufRDC Councillor —Region 6last_img read more

  • Minister Felix has failed to provide any reliable information

    first_imgDear Editor,I have written twice on the subject of Haitians’ arrival in Guyana asking that the Minister of Citizenship, Mr Winston Felix, explain the fact that, according to him, over 8000 Haitians recently arrived in our country and less than 2000 are recorded as having departed. I asked a simple question: “where are the 7000 odd unaccounted-for Haitians?”I am not the only citizen who has expressed this concern, but instead of providing an answer to the nation, the Minister singled me out for attack and called me “xenophobic”. He also failed to provide any reliable information. Mr Felix, instead of holding a press conference and facing the media on a subject of major public interest and concern, stages an ” interview” with the Public Information and Press Services of the Ministry of the Presidency to feed him rehearsed questions.Acknowledging that the Haitians cleared customs and immigration into the country, unbelievably, he has to rely on Brazilian immigration records to tell us that just under 7000 Haitians have arrived in that country but can offer no evidence that they have legally departed Guyana. In other words, the Haitians who arrived, under our immigration laws, are still in Guyana.Winston Felix should know better than to call me, of all people, “xenophobic”.Let me remind him that I have served my country longer than he ever will, in and out of the Cabinet under two Presidents, the founder of the party he now represents, Forbes Burnham, and later former President Desmond Hoyte.When Guyana was beset by the horrors of Jonestown, I was assigned a diplomatic mission by President Burnham, in the USA, to defend our country’s name and reputation, appearing in over 20 television programmes, including NBC and CBS, yet Felix has the gumption to call me “xenophobic”. If anyone needs to apologise, it’s you, Mr Felix. Do your job Mister Minister. Hold a press conference, tell us the truth.Sincerely,Kit Nascimentolast_img read more

  • US$500k Medical Center Under Construction in Nimba County

    first_imgPartial view of the project.A comprehensive health center worth US$500,000 is under construction in Nyor Diaplay Town in Nimba County.Project manager Shedrick S. Sayegbouh told the Daily Observer that the health center will contain over 100 beds, private rooms, an operation theater and an accommodation complex for the medical staff.He said the construction of the center became necessary because of inadequate healthcare for the people, which compelled the Friends of Samuel N. Brown Network, a humanitarian organization which helps vulnerable people across Liberia, to decide to construct the health center to bring relief to the citizens in the town and its environs.Nyor Diaplay is the biggest town in the Nyor Clan in Buu-Yao Administrative District, Nimba County electoral district # 5, and is close to the border with the Ivory Coast. The need for a hospital is one of the key emergencies for the citizens, who live far away from the main hospitals in Ganta and Tappita.Sayegbouh said the project is expected to be completed by March this year, to be followed by an administrative complex in August.The head of the network, Samuel N. Brown, was one of the contenders for the district #1 representative seat in Nimba County, but lost narrowly to Jeremiah Koung.Brown said when he started the project during the course of the election, people thought it was ‘election talk’ to win the minds of the citizens.“Even though I lost the election, I still remain committed to my promise, and today the project is ongoing peacefully and speedily,” he said.“Despite my loss, I am still holding to my promise and it is my duty as a citizen of the same community to help my people.”Meanwhile, the town chief of Nyor Diaplay has hailed Brown and his friends for remaining committed to his promise to carry out the construction of the health center.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

  • Progress plans to upgrade airstrip near Pink Mountain

    first_imgIt is now owned by Petronas, the Malaysian Government Oil and Gas Company and lead member of the consortium behind the proposed Pacific Northwest LNG project.As such Progress is positioned to operate in this area for the next two to three decades providing up to two billion cubic feet of natural gas per day to be liquefied and exported overseas to Asian markets. Amid reports that local oil patch activity is already starting to pick up for the winter season we have confirmation of an air strip upgrade planned for the Pink Mountain area North of Fort St. John.Stacie Dley is Communications Advisor for Calgary based Progress Energy, and cautions the land application is still before the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission, and therefore a final investment decision on the project has not yet been made.However, if and when it is, the completed upgrade would also include an adjacent camp that would accommodate up to 500 workers employed in the companies’ North Montney operations, and it’s therefore intended to provide both company workforce accommodation, and local area safety improvements.- Advertisement -“It would transport rig crew changes from other areas to the Sikanni Chief Airstrip.  It is actually taking quiet a few vehicles off the Alaska Highway, so it will improve safety from that perspective.”The Sikanni Chief Airstrip is located at about Mile 148 of the Alaska Highway and the upgrade is expected to begin in early 2017, with completion to follow in a period of eight to ten months.Progress Energy produces more than 750 million cubic feet equivalent of natural gas per day, here in Northeastern BC and in Northwestern Alberta.Advertisementlast_img read more

  • England player ratings as Harry Kane seals memorable win over Croatia

    first_img 5 Dier was unfortunate to see Kramaric’s strike bounce off him Andrej Kramaric had stunned the home side with a deflected strike in the 57th minute before Jesse Lingard pulled one back with ten minutes to go.And on an afternoon where both sides experienced the prospect of winning the group and being relegated from it, captain Kane ensured England were the ones celebrating with a sliding finish from Ben Chilwell’s free-kick. John Stones – 7Allows England to play out from the back with ease. Demonstrated class and composure all afternoon, and we’re happy to forget his misplaced tackle for the Croatia goal.Ben Chilwell – 8Struggled to get his delivery right and wasted several set pieces, but then he provided the game’s moment of outstanding quality from a free-kick for Kane’s winner. All is forgiven!Ross Barkley – 6A tidy display, but Southgate would’ve liked him to take more risks. Everything was very safe. Stones was sensational on the ball Kane slid the ball home 5 5 It was no less than the Three Lions deserved, with Kramaric’s goal totally against the run of play as England dominated possession for 90 minutes.How did Southgate’s men perform individually? Scroll down for talkSPORT.com’s player ratings.Jordan Pickford – 6A wobbly moment early on when he spilled the ball on the slide. Deflection gave him little chance to stop the goal.Kyle Walker – 6Surprised he didn’t get forward more, particularly when England were chasing the game.Joe Gomez – 7An imperious display. Where did that throw come from for Lingard’s goal?center_img 5 England topped their Nations League group after a thrilling comeback victory against Croatia at Wembley.Harry Kane snatched the winner his country needed five minutes from time to avenge the World Cup semi-final defeat in the summer and condemn the Croats to relegation from League A. Harry Kane’s goal sent Wembley into delirium 5 Kane wheels away Eric Dier – 6Broke up play expertly. Should’ve got tighter for the goal, but who cares.Fabian Delph – 8Unfortunately faded after an exceptional first half. An impressive performance nonetheless.Marcus Rashford – 8Forced the issue in the second half, driving at Croatia and beating men with ease. End product was a bit hit-and-miss.Harry Kane – 8A captain’s goal. Another wonderful moment for this young side. Raheem Sterling – 5Too indecisive in front of goal. Twice he found himself caught in two minds when clean through, but he made some great runs all afternoon.Sub: Dele Alli – 7Perhaps should’ve started given the impact he had when he came on.Sub: Jesse Lingard – 8Scored at one end and made a goal-line clearance at the other. What more can you do?Sub: Jadon Sancho – 7Injected pace and energy when England desperately needed it.last_img read more


    first_imgMIDFIELDER Mark Forker struck a stunning double to give Finn Harps all three points against Salthill Devon in Ballybofey tonight.The Burtonport man lifted the spirits of a Harps side which has struggled for points in recent weeks.It was the sort of result of Harps have been threatening to produce in so many matches this season. But for once the Donegal side got what they deserved.Forker’s first goal – after just seven minutes – was like something out of a Match of the Day trailer, a stunning volley which gave the SD keeper no chance.The truth is that Harps could have beaten Salthill Devon by at least four goals but manager Peter Hutton will be happy that his team are back to winning ways.Another couple of wins could see Harps give it one last push to get into a promotion play-off place. The game was barely a few minutes old when midfielder Forker found the ball bouncing at his feet on the edge of the Salthill area.Spotting the Galway goalkeeper Keane off his line, the Burtonport man let fly with a super drop volley which dipped in under the visitor’s crossbar to make it 1-0.Kevin McHugh rocked the outside of the Salthill bar a few minutes later and was linking up well throughout with Harps new signing Lee Toland.Indeed Toland, who signed from Kildrum Tigers, look menacing throughout and could well be a good signing for Peter Hutton.Salthill began to come into the game towards the close of the first half with Barry bringing a fine save from Ciaran Gallagher. Harps started brightly again in the second half and Devon’s cause wasn’t helped in the 60th minute when Willie Enulebe was given a straight red for an elbow on McHugh.A couple of minutes later Forker for his and his team’s second goal when he held off four Salthill defenders before bring the ball wide and cutting a shot in at the near post to make it 2-0.Salthill to their credit continued to push but Harps were in total control and defended well through McMonagle and Cowan.Special mention must also go to James Doherty and Mickey Funston who worked tirelessly throughout. That said it’s probably unfair to single out any Harps player as it was a team effort right down to sub Pat McCann who could have made it 3-0 to Harps in the closing stages.Salthill may well prop up the First Division table but Harps can push on and with a bit of luck can fight for that play-off place.There may have been just 200 at this match tonight, but what a treat of a goal it was.To be fair Salthill tried to make a match of it and had a couple of decent chances before the break but found Gallagher in sparking form in goals.And their chances of making any sort of comeback were dealt a blow 15 minutes into the second half when Willie Enubele was sent off for elbowing McHugh in the face.In the 64th minute as Salthill were trying to sort out their shape quick-thinking Forker beat four players before finishing with another wonder goal.Harps eased towards full time without any problems.SUPER FORKER DOUBLE GIVES HARPS VICTORY OVER SALTHILL was last modified: August 10th, 2013 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:finn harpsmark forkerlast_img read more


    first_imgD’FHÉADFADH leathanaigh conspóideacha ar Facebook, a chuireann tiománaithe ar an eolas faoi na háiteanna ina bhfuil seicphointí na nGardaí,a bheith ag cabhrú le líon na ndaoine a mharaítear ar na bóithre a laghdú.Dúirt an Garda Síochána le Foinse nach bhfuil siad in aghaidh daoine a bheith ag insint dá chéile faoi sheicphointí agus go bhfuil siad ag iarraidh ar an bpobal a bheith ar an eolas faoin spotseiceáil a bhíonn ar siúl acu.Tá leathanaigh Facebook a thugann eolas faoi sheicphointí i 19 gcontae bunaithe ag baill den phobal go dtí seo. Tá breis agus 25,000 duine ag tabhairt tacaíochta do ‘Garda Checkpoints Dublin’ agus breis agus 21,000 duine ag tacú le ‘Garda Checkpoints Cork’.“Bheadh daoine ag ceapadh go mbeimis i gcoinne na leathanach seo ach níl,” ,” arsa urlabhraí na nGardaí.“Táimid ag iarraidh go mbeadh daoine ar an eolas go bhfuilimid amuigh ansin, i measc an phobail.”Tá an chuid eile den scéal seo le léamh in Foinse , a bhíonn ar fáil saor in aisce leis an Irish Independent. Breis eolais: www.foinse.ie Controversial Facebook pages which alert motorists to the location of Garda checkpoints – including one in Donegal – could actually be helping the Gardaí in their campaign to reduce deaths on our roads, Foinse reports today.An Garda Síochana told Foinse that they are not against people telling each other where Garda Checkpoints are located  and want the public to know that they are conducting spot checks.Facebook pages giving the location of Garda checkpoints in 19 counties have been set up to date.Over 25,000 people have supported Garda Checkpoints Dublin to date while over 21,000 people are making use of Garda Checkpoints Cork.“You would think that we would be against that but in a way, what we want is for  people to know that we are out there,” the Garda spokesperson said. Read this story in full in today’s Foinse which comes free with the Irish Independent. More information: www.foinse.ieGARDAI BACK DONEGAL FACEBOOK PAGE HIGHLIGHTING PATROLS was last modified: October 24th, 2012 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)last_img read more

  • Plan to treat contaminated groundwater moves ahead

    first_img In addition, air samples taken from nearby Skateland showed trace amounts of chemicals, but the health risks were minimal, Lichens told this newspaper in June. “If there is a risk, it would be from years and years of exposure,” Lichens said. — Sandy Mazza may be reached by calling (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3026, or by e-mail at sandy.mazza@sgvn.com.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! WHITTIER — Years after soil and groundwater contamination discovered at the former Omega Chemical Corp. was deemed an immediate threat to public health and the environment, the federal Environmental Protection Agency has settled on an initial cleanup strategy for the site, officials announced. The agency is moving forward with a $6.4 million plan to extract and treat groundwater from five wells it will drill along Putnam Street. First, however, the wells must be designed and constructed, which will take several months, officials said. “This cleanup is a first step,” said remedial project manager Christopher Lichens. “This is an interim action to contain the highest levels of contamination. It’s basically to stop the bleeding so it doesn’t get worse until a final cleanup alternative is selected.” Within the next three years, however, a more aggressive cleanup plan will be in place, he said. AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREWalnut’s Malik Khouzam voted Southern California Boys Athlete of the Week But EPA officials have identified what they term as the potentially responsible parties — businesses who used Omega Chemical Corp.’s services between 1976 and 1991 and could be held liable to pay for the costs of cleaning up the contamination. Omega provided recycling services for solvents and refrigerants used in refrigerators and freezer coils, as well as chlorinated solvents including degreasing and dry-cleaning chemicals. However, the company was accused of improperly storing the volatile chemicals. In 1995 and 1996, more than 2,700 leaky drums of chemicals were removed from the 40,000-acre property at 12504 and 12512 E. Whittier Blvd. In 1999, the EPA added the Omega site to the National Priorities List of hazardous sites across the country. Lichens said that low levels of volatile organic compounds have been found in a nearby Santa Fe Springs well, though it hasn’t been determined whether the contamination came from the Omega site.last_img read more