• Where the Heart Is

    first_img“Never knew a stranger,” Chip told me on my last day in Canaan.He gripped my shoulder tightly, looking at me through the weathered lenses of an old pair of sunglasses. It was sunny out with clear blue skies above. The fresh powder from the previous days’ storms sparkled in the mid-afternoon sun. It was warmer than it’d been the week prior, one of those days that didn’t just beckon to you to step out of doors — it downright demanded it.“Never knew a stranger, because home is right here,” he finished, releasing his grip on my shoulder and pounding his fist into his heart. “Home is where the heart is.”Though I’ve heard the phrase throughout my life, seen it craftily painted on decor you’d find at Home Goods, probably even said it myself, those six simple words have taken on a new meaning in my life now that I’m quickly approaching the year anniversary since I hit the road.Home is where the heart is._MG_4975The sentence immediately makes me think of my friend Eric who, the very first time I met him, told me his spirit animal was a turtle.“I carry my home with me everywhere I go,” he had said, pulling up his pant leg to show me a faded tattoo of a turtle on his ankle.Eric, a fellow free spirit, has done his fair share of romping around. I’d always taken a liking to his choice of spirit animal, never having cleverly come up with one myself (although I am a sucker for horses). In many ways, a turtle would be a particularly fitting spirit animal for me — as if the SylvanSport Go didn’t look enough like the sea creature (albeit a fluorescent green one), I quite literally lug around my shelter, my home, my belongings with me, everywhere I go, just like a turtle.And quite honestly, I can’t imagine a better way to spend my youth. I can show up at any mountain town fully loaded, ready to boat, bike, climb, ski, whatever’s in season. I have everything I could possibly need to be comfortable in almost any outdoor sport right in the backseat of my car. It’s the epitome of freedom.But there’s a part of me that yearns for something I never envisioned wanting, something I didn’t realize was important to me until I stripped myself of it and hit the road — that thing is community. Though in a larger sense, I am part of the outdoor community and am almost daily reminded of just-how-small this world really is, it’s not quite the same as being part of a tight-knit community.The near-month I spent in Canaan Valley was the longest I’d stayed put anywhere since giving up my apartment in Charlottesville, Va., last April. Routine entered my life again. I got up early, put my time behind the screen, then skied the night away. There was yoga on Wednesday nights followed by Hellbender dinners, burger night at Tip Top came on Friday, and jammin’ music at the Purple Fiddle on Saturdays. Faces became more familiar, more friendly. I got phone numbers, started organizing group skis. Suddenly I wasn’t just “the girl” from Blue Ridge Outdoors (or maybe I still was). People knew my name, and I (by some stroke of magic) remembered theirs._MG_4995 _MG_5002 _MG_4978 _MG_4991 _MG_4994 _MG_4954 _MG_5003Things started to feel cozy. I wanted to keep exploring that rugged country. Even three weeks was barely enough time to do and see all the things I wanted to. I was making friends, carving out a life for myself in those hills.But the road was calling and I knew I could not ignore it, that voice of places yet-discovered. It’s the same voice that met me in my dreams all those months ago while I laid asleep in my one-room apartment. It told me that I was playing it too safe, that there were bigger and better things around the bend if I would just get in the car.So I got in the car.As I drove east on Corridor H in the early morning darkness, I thought about all I had learned from the people and the mountains in Canaan Valley. I thought about the laughs I’d shared, the love I’d felt, the inspirational people I’d met, and the plans for future adventures I’d schemed over beers. I thought about the good-byes I’d said, the hugs I’d given and received, and Chipper’s last words as I walked away from the valley.Home is where the heart is.I couldn’t quite put my finger on what I felt that last day. There was an overwhelmingly restless urge for the next thing coupled with the inevitable interrogation, the “what ifs” and “should haves,” the questions that can’t be answered.But as I made my way down the road, I recalled part of a Jack Kerouac quote from On The Road, the entirety of which goes, “What is that feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? – it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-bye. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.”I knew it wasn’t good-bye in the finite sense — I’ll be back to the valley in the spring — but I knew that the only way to keep from slamming on the brakes and turning the rig around was to push forward unabashedly, hungry for the novel and the simple act of living.###_MG_4944 _MG_4928 _MG_4917 _MG_4895_MG_5546last_img read more

  • Win for banks: Another reminder for credit unions to remain vigilant

    first_img continue reading » A lawsuit brought by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) against Bank of America Corp and US Bancorp has been dismissed by a federal judge.The suit addressed losses taken by CUs when $6.8 billion of toxic mortgage securities issued by these mega-banks went bust, contributing to the failure of five federal credit unions.You remember how it went in the years leading up to the financial crisis: big banks bundled together trillions of dollars in mortgage related securities, and misrepresented the quality of those securities.When the real estate bubble went “pop,” the underlying weakness of these securities became known – but it was too late for the smaller financial institutions who were left on the hook as holders of these securities. 1SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

  • Overdraft Protection: Members affirmative consent and opt-in confirmation

    first_img continue reading » An “overdraft service” as defined by Regulation E is a “service under which a financial institution assesses a fee or charge on a consumer’s account held by the institution for paying a transaction (including a check or other item) when the consumer has insufficient or unavailable funds in the account.” See, 12 CFR §1005.17 (a). For any courtesy pay or overdraft protection offered for ATM and one-time debit card transactions, Regulation E requires disclosures and the member’s affirmative consent (opt-in) to coverage for those transactions and the associated fee. See, 12 CFR §1005.17 (b). But, what constitutes affirmative consent and how is such consent confirmed?  Let’s go over the relevant provisions.Affirmative ConsentUnder Regulation E, when it comes to obtaining a member’s affirmative consent, credit unions are allowed to obtain consumers’ affirmative consent by in person, by mail, through electronic means and by telephone.Even though the term “affirmative consent” per se is not defined in the regulation, it contains provisions related to consumers reasonable opportunity to provide such affirmative consent. The commentary to section 1007.17(b)-4 explains a credit union provide consumers with a reasonable opportunity to provide affirmative consent when “it provides reasonable methods by which the consumer may affirmatively consent.” Depending on the means the credit union utilizes to obtain affirmative consent, the methods utilized vary. However, regardless of the method, credit unions are required by the Regulation to comply with the disclosure requirements under section 1005.17 (b)(1). A credit union provides such reasonable methods if: ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

  • Stopping bullying: Educators take a look at its’ impacts

    first_img“One of the biggest impacts we see from bullying is kids who don’t attend school,” said Joshua Quick, a CSE Chairperson. “Whether they feel as if they are impacted by a bully, or there’s something going on there where they feel intimidated or scared to come to school.” Organizers say its biggest impact is the affect on children’s learning environments. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Local educators are discussing the affects of bullying on children. Hear more from the organizers on the impacts and warning signs of bullying in 12 News’ 5:30 p.m. newscast.center_img The seminar also discussed the rise of cyber-bullying among youth. At a Wednesday morning presentation, the Southern Tier Independence Center provided resources to spot cases of bullying and how to prevent it.last_img read more

  • Arteta rebuilds as Arsenal fans long for Champions League return

    first_imgHaving signed Willian from Chelsea, and with the precocious talent of Saka tearing down one wing and Kieran Tierney or Ainsley Maitland-Niles frequently breaking down the other, the Gunners should create plenty of chances.Arteta is also keen to sign Atletico Madrid’s midfielder Thomas Partey, a powerful tackler with a proven talent for regaining possession and moving the ball up the field.Yet he’ll have to shed other talent to pay for the Ghanaian international.With German playmaker Mesut Ozil showing no inclination to end his 350,000 pounds-a-week contract early, the spotlight falls on Lucas Torreira, Matteo Guendouzi, Hector Bellerin and possibly even striker Alexandre Lacazette.Arsenal have reportedly received bids for Torreira, Guendouzi and Bellerin.But reports that Arteta is prepared to let Lacazette go may dismay fans in view of how well the Frenchman links up with Aubameyang despite scoring fewer than half as many goals as his fellow forward last season.Either way, Arsenal fans may be gnawing down their nails until the transfer window closes on Oct. 5.Topics : The 31-year-old has scored 71 times since joining from Borussia Dortmund for a club record 56 million pounds ($73 million) in January 2018, with a higher strike rate so far than all-time top-scorer Thierry Henry.After lifting – and instantly dropping – the FA Cup on Aug. 1, followed by the Community Shield at the end of the month, the Gabonese striker looks more inclined to stay.But media speculation has rumbled on all summer, leading former Arsenal star and BBC football pundit Ian Wright to post a photo of himself with pen in hand on Twitter on Aug. 21, saying: “Taking so long gonna sign da ting myself” – earning a string of laughing-face emojis from the player.Aubameyang may have been encouraged by signs of growing confidence in the team as they strung together late-season wins over champions Liverpool in the league and Manchester City and Chelsea on the way to their record-extending 14th FA Cup. Arsenal fans will be dreaming of a top-four finish in the coming season as manager Mikel Arteta continues rebuilding the side around goal machine Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and younger talents like Bukayo Saka.For some of the faithful, anything will be an improvement on last season, when the team scored fewer goals than they have since 1995/6 on their way to their lowest league finish since the year before that.The odds on the Gunners breaking back in to the Champions League places may not be favorable, however, as their rivals splash out, and the first item on Arteta’s to-do list will be to get Aubameyang’s signature on a contract tying him to the side beyond next summer.last_img read more

  • NOC’s new study finds 10 times more plastic in Atlantic

    first_imgPabortsava and Lampitt collected their seawater samples during the 26th Atlantic Meridional Transect expedition in September to November 2016. This study builds on the NOC’s research into marine plastic contamination, which aims to better understand the magnitude and persistence of exposure to plastics and the potential harms it can cause. The mass of ‘invisible’ microplastics found in the upper waters of the Atlantic Ocean is approximately 12- 21 million tonnes, according to research published in the Nature Communications. Significantly, this figure is only for three of the most common types of plastic litter in a limited size range. Yet, it is comparable in magnitude to estimates of all plastic waste that has entered the Atlantic Ocean over the past 65 years: 17 million tonnes. This suggests that the supply of plastic to the ocean have been substantially underestimated. “In order to determine the dangers of plastic contamination to the environment and to humans we need good estimates of the amount and characteristics of this material, how it enters the ocean, how it degrades and then how toxic it is at these concentrations. This paper demonstrates that scientists have had a totally inadequate understanding of even the simplest of these factors, how much is there, and it would seem our estimates of how much is dumped into the ocean has been massively underestimated”. The lead author of the paper, Dr Katsiaryna Pabortsava from the National Oceanography Centre (NOC), said: “Previously, we couldn’t balance the mass of floating plastic we observed with the mass we thought had entered the ocean since 1950. This is because earlier studies hadn’t been measuring the concentrations of ‘invisible’ microplastic particles beneath the ocean surface. Our research is the first to have done this across the entire Atlantic, from the UK to the Falklands.“ They filtered large volumes of seawater at three selected depths in the top 200 metres and detected and identified plastic contaminants using spectroscopic imaging technique. Their study focused on polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene, which are commercially most prominent and also most littered plastic types. Co-author, Professor Richard Lampitt, also from the NOC, added: “If we assume that the concentration of microplastics we measured at around 200 metres deep is representative of that in the water mass to the seafloor below with an average depth of about 3000 metres, then the Atlantic Ocean might hold about 200 million tonnes of plastic litter in this limited polymer type and size category. This is much more than is thought to have been supplied. “ This work was supported by the EU H2020 AtlantOS programme and the NOC. The AMT programme was supported by the UK Natural Environment Research Council’s National Capability, Climate Linked Atlantic Sector Science (CLASS) programme.last_img read more

  • Feasibility study being conducted to transmit geothermal energy to Martinique & Guadeloupe

    first_img Share Share Sharing is caring! Share 31 Views   no discussionscenter_img LocalNews Feasibility study being conducted to transmit geothermal energy to Martinique & Guadeloupe by: – July 11, 2011 Tweet Photo credit: kids.esdb.bgGovernment is currently conducting a feasibility study financed by the European Government to look at the under seas cable to transmit energy to Martinique and Guadaloupe upon completion of its geothermal project.The Government signed a 15 million dollar contract with an Iceland Company for exploration of geothermal energy from Dominica.The 120 megawatt plant will cost approximately $400 million dollars.Prime Minister Skerrit believes this will bring tremendous economic benefits to the country.Meantime former energy Minister Reginald Austrie says the exploration of geothermal energy for Dominica has been in discussion for several years and Dominicans should welcome the fact it is now becoming a reality.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

  • Repatriation in Iraq to go ahead despite ‘cooling’ US-Iran tension

    first_img “Ating alalahanin na sa ilang bahagi ng mundo ay nakaamba ang panganib ng karahasan. Harinawa, huwag ito umuwi sa giyera, sa digmaan,” Tagle said in his homily. On Wednesday, Alert Level 4 has been raised in Iraq a following the death of top Iranian military general Qassem Soleimani in a US airstrike sparked turmoil in the Middle East. The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, however, according to Bello, will not be processing any deployment application to the two countries for the meantime, while deployment ban is also in effect in Iraq. “Tuloy ang mandatory evacuation unless it reaches a point where the safety of the Filipino workers are no longer in peril,” Panelo said. “But you cannot force our overseas workers if they prefer to stay.” “Ipanalangin po natin na maging ligtas ang ating mga kapwa sa Middle East, humupa ang mga pagnanais na sirain ang kapwa, humupa ang mga hangarin na maghiganti, at ipanalangin ang mga kapwa Pilipino, at ang kanilang mga pamilya dito na nangangamba,” Tagle said./PN “Continue pa din ang (mandatory repatriation) sa Iraq,” Bello said. “Although it was unofficial, I was informed yesterday that the alert level in Lebanon was put down to level 2 and I understand that there’s no more alert level in Iran.” Bello noted that there is no mandatory repatriation yet in Saudi Arabia. Around 2.5 million Filipinos are currently residing and working in Middle East countries, according to him. MANILA – The mandatory repatriation ofFilipino workers in Iraq will be pushed through despite a seemingly defusingtension in the region. He urged Filipinos to offer prayers for the safety of those living in the Middle East, as well as Filipinos trapped in the conflict areas. Meanwhile, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle has prayed for peace in the Middle East during a concelebrated mass for the Feast of the Black Nazarene on Thursday. Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello says the total labor deployment ban to Kuwait comes after authorities discovered that Filipina domestic worker Jeanelyn Villaverde has been sexually abused before she was killed. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said the mandatory repatriation in Iraq is still in effect until the safety of Filipino workers is assured. Labor secretary Silvestre Bello III announced on Thursday afternoon the mandatory repatriation has been called off in Lebanon and Iran as alert level in those countries were lowered.last_img read more

  • Leicester’s winning run continues

    first_img Five minutes later some Mahrez magic put Pearson’s team in front. The French-born Algeria international collected a flick-on by Leonardo Ulloa, turned away from both Steven Davis and Harrison Reed and fired a left-foot shot into the bottom corner of the net from just outside the penalty area. However, the mood soon changed inside the King Power Stadium when James went down holding his left knee. The midfielder was treated on the pitch before being carried off with his legs strapped. He was replaced by Danny Drinkwater. The break in play did not affect Leicester and they continued to push forward, with the second goal coming after 19 minutes. Southampton goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga sliced a clearance, putting his team under pressure. Ulloa and Jamie Vardy worked well together to win back the ball with Vardy managing to get a cross into the box where the unmarked Mahrez poked home from close range. It was a fourth Premier League goal of the season for the winger signed from French Ligue 2 club Le Havre for just £400,000 in January 2014. Mahrez, who according to his agent Kamal Bengougam is of interest to La Liga side Villarreal, almost caught Saints out again shortly afterwards. His perfectly-weighted through ball found the run of Vardy but Gazzaniga kept out the shot with his legs. Southampton’s first meaningful effort on Kasper Schmeichel’s goal came in first-half injury time but the Foxes keeper comfortably helped Toby Alderweireld’s free-kick over the crossbar. Mahrez maintained his torment of Ronald Koeman’s men in the second half, evading a couple of defenders before dragging his shot wide. At the other end, Sadio Mane worked Schmeichel again but once more the Dane easily pushed the ball over. News of a Burnley goal at Hull was greeted with a chorus of “we are staying up” from Leicester fans, and it looks like they might be right. It ended 1-0 at the KC Stadium and the Foxes are three points above the Tigers, who now occupy the final relegation place. Esteban Cambiasso sent a left-foot shot into the side-netting midway through the second half in the game’s final piece of noteworthy action. Riyad Mahrez enhanced his growing reputation by scoring both goals as Nigel Pearson, this week named manager of the month for April, celebrated a sixth victory in seven matches. The Foxes thoroughly deserved their 2-0 success but Southampton, who have entertained for much of the season and earned plaudits for mounting a challenge for the European places, disappointed. A fourth straight away loss looks to have finally ended their hopes of catching Liverpool in fifth spot. For Leicester, the win is the latest in what has been a remarkable turnaround in fortune. A month ago they looked dead and buried and set for a return to the Sky Bet Championship after a eight-game winless run which included six defeats. Now, Pearson’s side sit three places and three points above the drop zone and can clinch their place in the top flight for another season with victory at relegation rivals Sunderland next Saturday – should other results also go their way. The only down side for Leicester was what looked like a serious-looking injury sustained by midfielder Matty James. Sunderland ramped up the pressure on the other teams fighting to stay up with a surprise 2-0 success against Everton at Goodison Park in the day’s early kick-off. If Leicester felt nervous, it did not show. They began confidently and Robert Huth flicked a header just over the crossbar in the second minute. Leicester continued their march towards Barclays Premier League survival against Southampton at the King Power Stadium. Press Associationlast_img read more

  • ICC World Cup Dale Steyn ruled out of Cricket World Cup 2019 opener against England

    first_img New Delhi : The ICC Cricket World Cup is set to begin on May 30 as the host-England will take on South Africa at the Oval in London. The two teams are working towards getting all boxes ticked. In this process, South Africa speedster Dale Steyn was ruled out of the all-important game. That was the news from head coach Ottis Gibson in London on Tuesday. The 35-year-old Steyn is still not at 100% as he continues to recover from the shoulder injury that saw him return home from the IPL earlier this month. “He’s not quite ready yet. He’s not far away … but not quite yet. We think with a six-week tournament, there is no real need to force the issue. We know that he is close and he’s getting closer every day. We’ll give him as much time as we can to get him ready,” Gibson said.  South Africa will take on England in the tournament opener on May 30. Dale Steyn suffered a shoulder injury during the IPL.Chris Morris will likely play for South Africa in their opener against England. For all the Latest Sports News News, ICC World Cup News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. highlights Morris is the most like-for-like replacement from a bowling perspective, while his inclusion would also significantly increase South Africa’s lower order firepower with the bat. The Oval wicket on Tuesday looked greener than expected, effectively ruling out the possibility of South Africa fielding two spinners.Steyn has not bowled competitively since pulling out of Royal Challengers Bangalore’s IPL campaign in late April, having played only two games there. In the two games, he took four wickets but more importantly, he struck during the powerplay against Kolkata Knight Riders and Chennai Super Kings. In both games, Royal Challengers Bangalore won but they finished their IPL campaign on a low by finishing in last position.South Africa won their first warm-up game against Sri Lanka by 87 runs but their warm-up against West Indies was declared a no-result due to rain. However, in both games, Hashim Amla struck form by hammering a fifty. last_img read more