• Oo La La! Get a First Glimpse of Vanessa Hudgens in Gigi

    first_img Gigi View Comments Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on June 21, 2015 Pop the champagne, because People magazine has released an exclusive first look of Vanessa Hudgens in Gigi! The High School Musical favorite is taking on the title role in the Broadway-bound musical opposite Howard McGillin and Corey Cott at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. “I’ve been waiting for the right role to come along, and [Gigi] appeared to me when I was least expecting it,” Hudgens told People. “It’s been a lot of fun prepping for Gigi, allowing myself to be as free as possible. I love this character, the music and play so much.” The re-imagined new production, written by Heidi Thomas and directed by Eric Schaeffer, begins performances January 16, 2015. Check out this sexy photo by Matthew Murphy, then see Gigi at the Kennedy Center this winter!last_img read more

  • Precision Agriculture

    first_imgAuto-steer technology, variable rate irrigation, smart-phone apps — these are all precision farming techniques that University of Georgia professor George Vellidis believes farmers should be using in their day-to-day operations.“Just like any business enterprise, there are always inefficiencies in the system. Farming may be one of the businesses where there is a great opportunity to improve the efficiency of the operation,” said Vellidis, an expert in precision agriculture. “We can improve the efficiency of the farming operation tremendously by using information to make better decisions.”Vellidis will share more of his experise during a precision agriculture workshop set for Feb. 25 on the UGA campus in Tifton. The workshop will be held at the Tifton Campus Conference Center from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.With the recent introduction of variable rate irrigation, farmers can vary the amount of irrigation water used on their crops. If a farmer know certain areas of his field need more or less water, he can manipulate the irrigation system to fit his needs.“Think about this scenario where you’ve got a field and you’re over-watering half and under-watering the other half. If you optimize it, you’d be putting on more water here and less water there and although you may not be reducing the amount of water you use, you’re using it more efficiently,” Vellidis said. “You’re producing more yield per drop.”Other topics at the workshop include profit maps — examining a map of a field and determining which sections make farmers money and which ones cost farmers money — and smart phone apps that help producers make decisions regarding their irrigation systems when they are away from the field.“We’re trying to find precision Ag tools, techniques, technologies that have worked across several continents and demonstrate to the practitioners that these are trued and tried precision Ag practices that can be applied anywhere,” Vellidis said.At the workshop, hands-on exercises and demonstrations will be conducted where participants will learn about precision planting in row crops, converting yield maps to profit maps, crop sensors for input management in row crops and creating management zones. The instructors will demonstrate how these practices can be applied locally, describe their benefits and hopefully eliminate any hesitation the participants may feel towards adopting these practices, Vellidis said.Offered jointly by the UGA College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (caes.uga.edu)and Auburn University, the workshop will also be held on Feb. 27 in Headland, Ala. and on Feb. 28 in Shorter, Ala. “The whole purpose of precision Ag is to understand how to integrate layers of information and act upon them so you maximize your profit,” Vellidis said. “So if we use technology and information to manage our resources, we can optimize how we use our resources and maximize our profits, that’s precision Ag.”To register for either workshop, visit vellidis.org or email Vellidis at yiorgos@uga.edu or Brenda Ortiz at bortiz@auburn.edu. Attendance is free but registration is required by Feb. 14. Participants can earn 4.5 continuing education units at each workshop.last_img read more

  • Weed Killing

    first_imgMany clients contact their local University of Georgia Cooperative Extension office frustrated with grasses taking over their flower beds or vegetable gardens.A common phone call might involve Bermuda grass taking over a bed of juniper ground cover or daylilies. And, if you’ve ever tried to pull Bermuda grass out by hand, you quickly learned that it just grows right back from any root fragments left in the soil. It’s nearly impossible to dig or pull out every piece of grass by hand. One option to control grasses in flower beds is what I like to call the “smothered and covered” method. Mulching can be used to effectively control small infestations or in areas where herbicides cannot be used.To use this method, cover the entire infestation with several inches of mulch. This may include wood chips, pine straw or similar materials. Hay and grass clippings should not be used as mulch, since they may carry weed seeds.Covering the area with a layer of cardboard topped with mulch may improve the effectiveness of this method. The mulch should stay in place for at least two growing seasons to kill tough perennial grasses.Depending on whether these weedy grasses are growing in a flower bed or a vegetable garden, there may be options available to control weeds with selective herbicides labeled for particular applications. In vegetable gardens, use an herbicide containing the active ingredient sethoxydim (brands such as Poast and Vantage) around broadleaf vegetables to control Bermuda grass, crabgrass and other grasses without harming your veggies. This product cannot be used around corn, however, as corn is in the grass family and will be damaged. This chemical is very selective for controlling grasses and will not control other weeds.There are also product options on the market that can be used in flower beds to selectively control weedy grasses. Products containing the active ingredient clethodim (Envoy), fluazifop-p (Grass-B-Gon and other brands) or sethoxydim (Segment) are safe around most flowers and shrubs. For nutsedge that is invading flower beds, a selective product that contains imazaquin (Image) can be applied over the top of a number of ornamentals. Be sure to read the label for which plants are safe to spray around.A nonselective herbicide containing glyphosate (brands such as Roundup and others) can also be used in between rows and along borders of vegetable gardens and flower beds. However, because this is a nonselective herbicide, avoid any direct contact or spray drift with desirable plants.Do not spray on a windy day. Make a shielded spray application by using a piece of cardboard or other barrier to shield plants and spray just the weeds. As long as the spray does not contact the leaves of vegetables, fruit trees, shrubs or flowers, it should not damage these plants. Glyphosate is inactive in the soil, so it does not affect plant roots in the areas that are treated. Make sure the formulation used has only glyphosate as the active ingredient. Many other herbicides and combination products are soil active and are not appropriate to use in these situations. For example, avoid using combination products such as Roundup Extended Control, which should never be used in a vegetable garden or flower bed. One last tool to add to your weed control toolbox is a pre-emergent herbicide. Consider using pre-emergents in combination with mulch and other selective herbicides as needed. There are several products on the market such as trifluralin (Preen, Treflan and other brands) that can be applied to prevent the seeds of annual grasses (i.e., crabgrass) from growing.Pre-emergents will not control weeds that are currently established, but they will significantly reduce the number of weeds that come back from seed. Timing is the key with pre-emergent herbicides. They should be applied before March 15 for weed prevention in flower beds or incorporated into the soil of a vegetable garden, according to the label.Be sure to read and follow all labeled application rates and safety precautions when using herbicides.last_img read more

  • Financial marketing: How to deliver exceptional member experience

    first_img continue reading » 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Here’s today’s reality: everything we had known about marketing in a financial institution is in doubt and in fact much of it no longer works.That’s a shocker.  Many executives continue to try to market as it was done in, say, 1995, 20 years ago.  But something big has changed in those 20 years: The Internet’s World Wide Web came along.So did smartphones.So has a new, young generation, the Millennials, who have started coming into their time of wealth.Add this up and what financial marketers face is a new world of marketing—and they also have the opportunity to present consumers with what amounts to an exceptional user experience that will keep these users coming back.That’s the goal: creating an exceptional user experience.Less won’t do. Not anymore.last_img read more

  • Croatia Airlines is renewing international flights from Zagreb to European destinations

    first_imgZagreb – London Heathrow – Zagreb: Mondays and Fridays Zagreb – Munich- Zagreb: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays Zagreb – (via Split) – Rome – (via Split) – Zagreb: Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays  From June 8, flights will be reintroduced on the route Zagreb – Zurich, where passengers will have four morning flights (Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays), and from June 15, afternoon flights on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  In domestic traffic, on June 8, the line Zagreb – Zadar – Pula will be reintroduced, once a day, and flights will continue on the lines Zagreb – Split and Zagreb – Dubrovnik, twice a day. On that day (June 15), direct international flights from Zagreb to seven other European destinations are being renewed – Munich, Sarajevo, London Heathrow, Dublin, Rome, Brussels and Vienna, according to the following flight schedule: Zagreb – Vienna – Zagreb: Thursdays and Sundays  Zagreb – Sarajevo – Zagreb: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridayscenter_img Zagreb – Dublin – Zagreb: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays “The range of flights is adjusted to the current market demand and travel conditions in accordance with the current epidemiological situation in Europe, and subsequent changes in the planned flight schedule are possible. The introduction of other lines in domestic and international traffic will depend on the further development of the situation and market demand, which has been greatly reduced due to the coronavirus epidemic.” ističu iz CA. It should be reminded that on May 25, flights on the Zagreb-Amsterdam route, which is flown once a day, were renewed, and a second daily flight was introduced on the Zagreb-Frankfurt route, which was flown continuously during the epidemiological crisis. Also, from June 1, the company’s aircraft will fly again on the regular route Zagreb – Copenhagen, four times a week. Thus, by mid-June, the aircraft of the national airline will connect Zagreb with 11 international destinations. Croatian national airline, Croatia airlines, is increasing the number of international flights from Zagreb to European destinations in June, in accordance with the current epidemiological situation and travel conditions within Europe. Zagreb – Brussels – Zagreb: morning flights on Mondays, afternoon flights on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundayslast_img read more

  • Bank Muamalat seeks to fix itself with Rp 3.2t investment

    first_imgThe pioneer of sharia banking in Indonesia, Bank Muamalat, is gearing up to fix its business performance with Rp 3.2 trillion (US$223 million) invested by a consortium initiated by Ilham Akbar Habibie, son of the late former president B. J. Habibie.The bank’s president director, Achmad K. Permana, said on Wednesday that under the consortium led by Al Falah, Bank Muamalat would get around Rp 3.2 trillion in fresh capital from a rights issue. Al Falah is a Singapore-based sharia investment company led by Ilham Habibie in partnership with CP5 Hold Co 2 Limited, fully managed by SSG Capital Management Limited.“The investment amount is greater than the initial estimate of Rp 2 trillion,” he said on the sidelines of a press briefing. The company was also open to other investors, and the amount of capital could be higher, Achmad added. “I will assess the problem and find solutions, either with warnings, negotiations or legal means,” Yusril told the press, while also expressing hope that all problems regarding clients’ NPF could be resolved in the next two years.OJK chairman Wimboh Santoso said on Tuesday that the authority had approved the consortium’s acquisition of the bank after completing some administrative work. When asked about the approval, Ilham told the press that he could not provide any details, adding that the process could take two months or more.According to OJK data, Bank Muamalat’s net profit fell to Rp 6.57 billion in the period of January to August 2019, down 94 percent from the same period of 2018.Bank Muamalat is one of five financial service providers under scrutiny by the House of Representatives’ Commission XI, which oversees financial affairs. The Commission in January formed a working committee to monitor Bank Muamalat as well as state insurers Asuransi Jiwasraya, Asabri and Asuransi Jiwa Bersama (AJB) Bumiputera. It will also look into financial problems at state-owned pension insurance firm Taspen.Topics : Pending approval from the Financial Services Authority (OJK), the investment would see the Al Falah-led consortium control 77 percent of Bank Muamalat. The stakes of existing shareholders, which include the Islamic Development Bank, Bank Boubyan and Atwill Holdings Limited, will be diluted.Muamalat is weighed down with bad assets as nonperforming financing (NPF) soared to 4.64 percent in last year’s third quarter, nearing the unhealthy level of 5 percent. Bad loans surged over the course of a year, as the NPF stood at 2.5 percent in the third quarter of 2018.“We will change our business model to focus more on retail,” Ahmad said, adding that Bank Muamlat’s business so far had been mostly in the corporate segment, which accounted for 65 percent of the lender’s financing.Numerous mergers and acquisitions marked Indonesia’s banking industry in 2019, despite loan growth declining to levels unseen in more than three years amid global economic uncertainty. Investors see potential in the market size and high profit margins in Southeast Asia’s largest economy.Legal expert Yusril Ihza Mahendra, who headed the legal team of the Joko “Jokowi” Widodo-Ma’ruf Amin election campaign, has been onboarded to help the bank manage its NPF.last_img read more

  • Boeing extends factory shutdown in Washington state

    first_imgBoeing has said it will indefinitely extend a shutdown at its factories in Washington state because of the coronavirus pandemic.The aerospace giant had already halted production at its Puget Sound facility near Seattle, where the company builds the long-range 777 jet and other models, after announcing a two-week stoppage last month. It had also shut its other major state factory at Moses Lake because of the 737 MAX grounding. Boeing announced Sunday that the shutdown would continue indefinitely in an effort to protect staff from COVID-19, which has already claimed the life of one employee at the company’s Everett facility.”The health and safety of our employees, their families and our communities is our shared priority,” Boeing’s commercial airplanes division president Stan Deal said in a statement.Boeing was already facing significant headwinds prior to the coronavirus pandemic because of the crisis surrounding the 737 MAX, which has been grounded for more than a year following two fatal crashes.But the pandemic has further hit the company’s outlook with most commercial airline travel suspended and major carriers thrust into a life-or-death fight.The company is seeking more than $60 billion in federal support for the US aerospace industry in the wake of the two crises.It announced a voluntary worker layoff plan on Thursday and said it expected “several thousand employees” to take a severance package or retire.Boeing currently employs around 70,000 people in Washington state.Topics :last_img read more

  • Asset managers’ sustainable investments triple since 2010 – survey

    first_imgGlobal assets under management linked with companies that are signatories to the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) have almost tripled to $62trn (€55.3trn) in April 2016 from $21trn in 2010, according to Moody’s Investors Service (MIS).Demand for sustainable investing has been driven by investor expectations and regulations, and the use of these strategies will continue to grow, MIS said in its in-depth analysis of the sector.For instance, in France – where companies offering employee savings plans must include a responsible investment option – these products now represent 30% of company-sponsored savings plans, up from 4% in 2006.MIS added that, while large institutional investors such as pension funds, endowments and foundations are driving rising demand, high net worth and retail investors are nonetheless playing an increasing role. Retail SRI funds in Europe have nearly doubled over the past five years, from €75bn to €136bn.Marina Cremonese, a vice-president at Moody’s, said: “Integrating ESG criteria into investment decisions should limit risks within portfolios and contribute to lower volatility and better performance in the long run.“The effectiveness of these strategies, however, will have to manifest themselves through the cycle, as well as across teams and strategies.” But generating long-term value for investors means asset managers could preserve higher active management fees by integrating ESG criteria into their product suites, MIS said, adding: “There is investor demand for more transparent strategies and products, as well as tailored products that meet specific client needs.”Several asset managers – including BlackRock, Amundi and Standard Life Investments – have proved that being early movers provides an edge, according to the analysis.And it observed that, as the shift away from active management and towards lower-cost, passive management continues, asset managers specialising in active strategies are trying to gain a competitive edge through the introduction of ESG criteria in mutual funds and investment solutions.But, besides the commercial advantages of providing ESG products, there are likely to be increasing regulatory pressures, the analysis warned.MIS’s research follows the approval of the EU’s ratification of the Paris Agreement last week (4 October), which now takes effect on 4 November.“It is a significant achievement,” MIS said, “and it is very likely new regulations and disclosure requirements will emerge for companies as a result.”It added that the Financial Stability Board task force on climate-related financial disclosures is also expected to develop voluntary, consistent, climate-related financial-risk disclosures to be used by companies in providing information to investors and other stakeholders.Meanwhile, asset managers have to overcome several hurdles to make sustainable investing strategies work.These include an insufficient supply of investible products – such as green bonds – uncertain performance expectations, evolving disclosure regimes, limited ESG data and education.“Finding consistent, high-quality ESG data is a challenge, given a lack of universally accepted ESG definitions and standard reporting guidelines,” said MIS.“Asset managers also have to integrate the information into their investment process, must ensure such strategies are generating competitive returns, and need to communicate the process and results to investors clearly.”last_img read more

  • Cannon Hill home the ultimate for lifestyle

    first_imgThe home at 20 Prince St, Cannon Hill, is for sale.WITH great northerly breezes and cafes just a walk away, this is the ultimate home for those looking to buy for a relaxed lifestyle.Vendors Will and Elise Mackay have lived in the 20 Prince St home at Cannon Hill since early 2016, and love the lifestyle advantages that come with it.“It’s close to a lot of our favourite cafes and also shopping centres,” Mr Mackay said.“You can just walk to nearby cafes, there’s one we like called The Blue Poppy and another one called Keyhole Espresso.” One of the home’s bathrooms is modern.The father-of-one believes the property would suit a variety of buyers, from first homeowners, like the Mackays were when they purchased the home, to small families and investors.“Anyone who wants to have a family and renovate that property would do really well,” Mr Mackay said.“It’s a big block and an investor could put a deck or some extensions on it.” The living room at 20 Prince St, Cannon Hill.More from newsCrowd expected as mega estate goes under the hammer7 Aug 2020Hard work, resourcefulness and $17k bring old Ipswich home back to life20 Apr 2020Mr Mackay said the area was full of families taking advantage of the location, and the neighbours were friendly.“The neighbourhood is really good, there are a lot of young kids that live either side,” he said.“It is a family focused area.” The bedrooms are large.The residence is on a 610sq m block which has views out to Portside, according to Mr Mackay.Mr Mackay said they were upsizing to accommodate their plans for a bigger family.Video Player is loading.Play VideoPlayNext playlist itemMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 10:02Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -10:02 Playback Rate1xChaptersChaptersDescriptionsdescriptions off, selectedCaptionscaptions settings, opens captions settings dialogcaptions off, selectedQuality Levels720p720pHD432p432p270p270p180p180pAutoA, selectedAudio Tracken (Main), selectedFullscreenThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.This is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.Close Modal DialogThis is a modal window. This modal can be closed by pressing the Escape key or activating the close button.PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration 0:00Loaded: 0%Stream Type LIVESeek to live, currently playing liveLIVERemaining Time -0:00 Playback Rate1xFullscreenJune, 2018: Liz Tilley talks prestige property10:02center_img The master leads to a walk-in robe and ensuite.Ideally positioned for families, the home is a 550m walk to St. Oliver Plunkett Primary School and 700m to Cannon Hill State School. The kitchen has had a facelift not too long ago.The single-level 1960s weatherboard home has been updated in recent years, with licks of paint and a modern bathroom, but Mr Mackay said all they have had to do to it is brighten the rooms with new blinds.last_img read more

  • Lady Bulldogs Battle Lady Owls In Soccer

    first_imgThe JV Lady Bulldogs put up a great fight against the Seymour Owls on Thursday night. Batesville controlled the game in the first half and was able to put the ball in the back of the net to take the lead. Lauren Gutzwiller scored the solo goal for the Dogs with an assist from Callie Main. Unfortunately, in the second half the Seymour Owls countered and scored a goal of their own to tie the game at 1 to 1. The ladies created many scoring chances in the second half but were unable to take the lead. The defense was led by Kayla E. Meyer with many tackles and deflections to stop the Owls. The game ended in a draw.The Batesville Lady Bulldogs traveled to Seymour on Thursday night and defeated the Lady Owls 2-0 to finish the month of August undefeated with a record of 7-0 and ranked #2 in 2A class.Batesville controlled much of the possession in the first half with a 60/40 edge over the host Lady Owls. Georgia Gratz was able to get the Lady Bulldogs on the scoreboard midway through the first half off a nice assist from Liz Heidlage. Baylee Rohlfing did a nice job winning many 50/50 balls in the air and stepping up to shut down the Seymour forwards. Batesville took a 1-0 lead into halftime and a 12-2 difference in shots.In the second half, Seymour came out with a little more intensity but the Lady Bulldogs were able to notch their third shutout of the season. Allison Storms played the Lady Owls physical and outworked their offense to help preserve the win. Despite the game staying 1-0 for 70 minutes, the Lady Bulldogs didn’t settle and continued to press high to try to add another. Gratz was able to break through after Taylor Rowlett broke down several Seymour defenders and dribbled central. Once she drew another defender her way, she slipped a ball into space and Gratz finished her 2nd goal of the season.Bulldogs Coach Kyle Laker commented on the game saying,  “Molly Wintz and Olive Cerniglia did a great job in goal tonight! This was another great team win and we had 15 players contribute significant time and effort in the match.”last_img read more