• ‘Kapil Dev alone looked the part of a true Test bowler’

    first_imgAfter their humiliating defeat in the Pakistan series earlier this year, it was widely expected that the Indian cricket team would perform more creditably in the West Indies. But, as events proved, the refurbished team was outplayed comprehensively once again by the West Indies. What went wrong? Indian media coverage was,After their humiliating defeat in the Pakistan series earlier this year, it was widely expected that the Indian cricket team would perform more creditably in the West Indies. But, as events proved, the refurbished team was outplayed comprehensively once again by the West Indies. What went wrong? Indian media coverage was almost non-existent during the series. One man, however, is eminently qualified to comment on the Indian performance, DICKY RUTNAGUR, the veteran London-based commentator watched the entire series from the vantage point of the commentators’ box. His report.IF it is presumed that the West Indies are still the most powerful force in international cricket, then India’s performance in losing only two Tests to them in a five-match series must be interpreted as a higher level of performance than they gave in Pakistan, where they were beaten in three consecutive Tests.It would not be fair on my part to make a comparison, because I did not see the series in Pakistan. But even if there was a grain of accuracy in such an assessment, it provides little consolation. The losses in the West Indies would have been more tolerable if, at any time, India had looked like scoring a win.Clive Lloyd clouts Kapil Dev to the ropes in the 4th Test at BarbadosThere was never a Test match when India looked a match for their opponents and, regretfully, it must be said that the team was the poorest India has ever sent to the West Indies and, perhaps, the most substandard combination that has played Test cricket for any country.Before probing more deeply into the strengths (alas, so few) and weaknesses of Kapil Dev’s team, it must be said that the West Indies themselves were not the redoubtable side that they were when they played even their last series just over a year ago in Australia.advertisementThe majority of the batsmen were afflicted with poor form and by Captain Clive Lloyd’s own admission, their pace attack was no longer capable of the sustained hostility of former years, age and overwork having caught up with the components. Only Malcolm Marshall is still a rising star.Strenuous Itinerary: The shortcomings of the side were emphasised by the tour itinerary, for which the blame must sit squarely on the shoulders of the inept and uncaring officials of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The only good that came out of the tinkering of the programme was that the series in the West Indies was curtailed from six to five Tests. For the series in the West Indies to have gone on any longer would have been catastrophic because the touring side had neither the confidence, physical staying power or the reserve strength in either batting or bowling to have coped with another Test match.Logie acknowledging applause after his century at BarbadosPerhaps, the economics of modern cricket made it imperative for India to tour Pakistan and the West Indies in the same season. The cruel fact, however, was that India are currently not strong enough to take on two such formidable opponents in so short a span of time.Problems were exacerbated by the chopping and changing of dates of both tours, which shortened the gap between them to one week. This state of affairs was brought about by the Asian Games and a diktat from somewhere unconnected with cricket that there was to be no clash between the Games and the Pakistan tour.Why the two events could not have run concurrently is incomprehensible. After all, the Olympic Games at Wembley did not detract from the glamour or attraction of the tour of 1948 (Bradman’s farewell) or vice versa.The net result of the curtailment of the West Indies itinerary was that the touring team, young and inexperienced, had just one territorial match to serve as preparation for the first Test. In this respect, the team was owed much sympathy.Indeed, a much stronger and more settled touring side would not have coped with this self-imposed handicap. To deprive this weak team of a proper chance to acclimatise was tantamount to denying a particularly dull student proper time to read for an especially important examination.An injured Amarnath led off the field: True gritAnother repercussion of the postponement of the tour was that all five Test matches were played in unreliable weather. By some mischance, the rain always arrived at the week-end. when attendances would have been the largest. The outcome was a serious financial set-back for the hosts who, in any case, were struggling to make both ends meet.Starting Problems: It is my firm belief that the first Test would not have been lost if the touring side had played the customary three matches, instead of just one, before the start of the series. The captain was new to his job, and the peculiar conditions had their bearing on his players.advertisementThis difficulty was aggravated by the team having to start the tour without Sunil Gavaskar who, with the Board’s agreement, did not travel with the team and arrived less than 48 hours before the start of the first Test.For too long has the Board set and tolerated different standards for Gavaskar and the rest of the team. With the Board so indulgent of Gavaskar, it was impossible for Kapil Dev, still new and unsettled in his position as captain, and Hanumant Singh, a first-time manager, to deal with sufficient firmness when Gavaskar wantonly threw his wicket away in the match against Trinidadad and Tobago.The gifts of nature that Gavaskar possesses – his great skill as a batsman and a sharp intellect – are given to few. It is a fact of life that when providence bestows special talents, it expects that they will be used by the recipient not only for his own benefit, but for the good of his less fortunate associates. In other words, Gavaskar should have been setting an example in responsibility and dedication to his junior teammates. To condone nonconformity in a weak side is the surest way of breeding chaos.Fortunately, such turmoil was prevented by the captain, despite several shortcomings, being seen as a sincere, upright man, completely devoted to his craft and his position and, no less, by the superb managership of Hanumant Singh.Apart from the ragged early form of the players, there were several difficulties which confronted the team in matters of travel, accommodation, diet, injuries and so on. Yet, Hanumant Singh never lost his calm.Although he was hard pressed in coping with this aspect of his assignment, Singh, the first manager in a long time to travel without an assistant, never took his eye off cricketing matters, nor neglected the team’s public relations. There was immense respect for Hanumant_ Singh among the several famous former Test cricketers who administer West Indies cricket. The members of the team reflected the high standards with which their captain and manager carried themselves, thus presenting an image that did India proud.Leadership: Not having been in Pakistan myself, it would be quite unjust to comment on the selectors’ decision to remove Gavaskar from the captaincy and instal Kapil in his place. If Gavaskar’s dismissal was the penalty for defeat alone then it was a harsh punishment for, with the ammunition at his disposal, none other could have provided a different result. especially in the conditions and atmosphere of Pakistan and against opposition of such high quality.Where the West Indies tour was concerned, it was unfair to burden Kapil Dev with leadership for the first time when the team under him was so palpably weak and when it was well known that he stood no earthly chance.advertisement Nor did fortune treat Kapil Dev too kindly, in that the coin fell on the wrong side for him in no less than seven out of eight tosses – five times in the Test matches and three times in the one-day internationals – with Clive Lloyd. The most vital toss of all was in the fourth Test at Barbados, where the series was settled.It was a tribute to Kapil Dev’s uncomplicated nature that he remained genial in his manner and thoroughly composed in the face of so much adversity, bad luck and the onset of damage to his knee. In my touring experience, losing captains tend to become introverted, ill-tempered, aloof and even paranoid. Kapil Dev, on the other hand, came to terms with his lot and, although a proud – in the best sense of the word – and self-confident cricketer, carried himself with charm and dignity in defeat.THE tour was less than a fortnight old when Kapil Dev was confronted with big test of his ability as a tactician and immediately found wanting. The occasion was the last afternoon of the first Test at Kingston, when West Indies were left only half an hour and the mandatory 20 overs to get as many as 172 runs and got them, plundering no less than 127 runs from the last 20 overs.Having given the West Indies due credit for the explosive power of their batting, it must be admitted that the contributory factor to their exciting win by four wickets was the latitude they were allowed by thoughtless captaincy and modest, sometimes uncontrolled, bowling.The West Indies’ achievement has also to be judged in the light of their opening batsmen, Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynes, being badly out of form at the time and the inclusion in their ranks of a debutant in Augustine Logie and another comparative newcomer to Test cricket in Jeffrey Dujon. At one stage, with Lloyd unable to make headway.West Indies had felt themselves bogged down to an extent where they had to send in Andy Roberts at number five to gain them some impetus by sheer slogging. Once they were able to check and dislodge Clive Lloyd, India really should have had the situation in control.Bowling Fiasco: They lost their grip because Kapil Dev used the wrong bowlers at the wrong time. He had convinced himself that only the seam bowlers could dam the flow of runs and, come hell or high water, adhered to this policy even when Amarnath was being savagely mauled (34 runs off 14 balls) and Kapil himself came under heavy fire as he began to tire.A glance at the bowling figures in that innings shows that each delivery by Kapil Dev, Balwinder Sandhu and Amarnath cost 0.93, 1.22 and 2.42 runs respectively, while Venkataraghavan was no more expensive than the most economical seamer, that is Kapil Dev himself.Yet Venkataraghavan, crafty and battle-scarred, was not used during the crucial final overs. Completely neglected was Maninder Singh, who should have been called on at a time when the batsmen were trying to hit every ball to leg.Such methods when facing Maninder would have carried a greater element of risk for they would have been aiming against Maninder’s spin (from leg to off), and that on a last-day pitch that had some turn to offer.For a cricketer who is so refreshingly forthright and ebullient in his own play, Kapil Dev, as captain, was disappointingly negative. Another instance of his defensive attitude that comes to mind was in the third Test in Georgetown when Greenidge, still struggling with his form, was striving to break free of the check in which he was held by Venkat.In his desperation, Greenidge charged out, threw his head back and hoisted Venkat for a straight six. The match was then at a stage where a few runs given away as a price for a wicket did not matter. But, immediately, mid-on was dropped back to long-on.From then on, Greenidge was able to drive or push into that region of the field and pick up singles or twos at will. Most thinking captains would have been delighted that Greenidge had been driven to desperation and would have issued a further challenge to hit sixes.There was room for criticism also in the fields that were set for Sivaramakrishnan’s leg-spin in the last Test. They were modelled on the fields that Chandrasekhar used to bowl to, with no regard to the fact that Chandra was a much quicker bowler, who aimed to get batsmen out in a different manner altogether.Irresponsible Batting: It was not in the interest of Gavaskar himself or the side that he missed the opening match and went into the first Test ill-prepared. Despite his failure in the Test, he made no effort to play a proper, sensible innings in the following fixture, against Trinidad and Tobago.Gavaskar threw away his wicket and though this irresponsible gesture did not militate against the team, he certainly brought it disrepute because a huge crowd was present, most of it only to see the maestro perform.The incident was glossed over by the captain and manager but there is no doubt that for a few days afterwards Gavaskar was in bad odour. Thereafter, it was not uncommon to see Kapil Dev consult his predecessor on the field or, for that matter, Gavaskar volunteering advice or encouragement to Kapil Dev or any other bowler.Gavaskar admitted to feeling a pang of disappointment and hurt at losing the captaincy, but never showed any signs of resentment or bitterness. In fact, he was a cheerful mixer among his team-mates and, if anything, was a more relaxed person than in his days as captain. It would be sinister to read any significance into Gavaskar’s failures as a batsman (his scores were 20, 0, 1, 32, 147 not out, 2,19.18 and 1, totalling only 240 at an average of 30.00). But there is no doubt that he had lost the inclination for a fierce battle with the bowlers, particularly if batting conditions were not amenable. One of the qualities of a great batsman is that he is more adept at working out problems. Yet, ‘caught Dujon’ was a common factor in six of Gavaskar’s eight dismissals.Striking Success: Unquestionably, the performance of the side as whole suffered from his failure, although Mohinder Amarnath so nobly rose to the role of saviour. The stronger the challenge of the pitch and the bowling, the greater was the effort, resolution and concentration on the part of the once-rejected Mohinder. Of the other batsmen who played through the series, Anshuman Gaekwad looked a more competent player than his scores indicate. Vengsarkar betrayed a weakness outside the off stump.Towards the end of the series, Vengsarkar’s distaste for the short ball was more pronounced. The same was true of Yashpal, who started the series more impressively then he finished it. Shastri, batting at number six, was worth his weight in gold. Dispite two big scores, Kapil Dev’s batting never inspired confidence.The front-line batsmen got away with erratic performances because the reserves offered no challenge to their positions. Arun Lal, also very square-on, lacked the technique to play the away-going ball. Malhotra batted in the minor matches as if he wanted to make sure he was not picked for the Tests.His batting was flippant and thoughtless. On the other hand, poor Gursharan Singh took early failure too much to heart and lost confidence to the point of breaking down. But his 89 against Barbados, made in adversity and on a testing pitch, earned him respect and should keep him in the minds of the selectors. At least he was serious-minded, sensitive to failure, and earnest.Track Record: Among the bowlers, Kapil Dev alone looked the part of a true Test bowler although the other seamers, Sandhu and the ageing Madan Lai. bowled with great heart and surpassed expectations. In the department of spin, Venkat did no less than could be expected of a man of 38 and certainly did justice to many years of experience. Shastri’s bowling, unfortunately, fell off as his batting improved. Maninder Singh did not look quite ready for Test cricket and if his experience has made him aware of how much remains for him to learn and also that he is not yet another Bishen Bedi, then he will have benefited from the trip.Judgement on Sivaramakrishnan must be reserved because his prospects were spoilt by an injury on the very second day of the tour. But the young cricketer certainly has potential, not just as a leg-spinner, but also as a batsman.Finally, the side’s fielding. No word of censure can be too strong. The immobility of all but a few was positively embarrassing. The balance was tipped against India to no small extent from runs given away and chances dropped, some of them very easy ones. A good proportion of these errors stood to the debit of Kirmani, whose batting, once so useful against pace bowling, showed the same measure of decline as his wicket-keeping. Kirmani’s young deputy, Kiran More, did well enough with both gloves and bat to have taken over his Test place, at least after the first three Tests. But an Indian side would never take the radical step of dropping its vice-captain. Pray why not?But enough scorn has been poured on the poor actors in the play. The fault is really with those who set the scene, the BCCI who adhere to the erroneous ways that have caused Indian cricket to deteriorate to a state where India have now played 21 consecutive Tests without a single win, lost six and been saved by rain from at least two more thrashings.last_img read more

  • Tiger Woods, Novak Djokovic, Lindsey Vonn win Laureus World Sports Awards

    first_imgPDEA chief backs Robredo in revealing ‘discoveries’ on drug war MOST READ ‘We are too hospitable,’ says Sotto amid SEA Games woes PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games PLAY LIST 02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games02:11Trump awards medals to Jon Voight, Alison Krauss US judge bars Trump’s health insurance rule for immigrants WATCH: Joel Embiid, Stephen Curry show off volleyball skills Djokovic matched Usain Bolt’s record by being named World Sportsman of the Year for the fourth time after winning Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. He also earned the honor in 2012, 2015 and 2016.Vonn, who retired during the recent Alpine skiing world championships , took home the Spirit of Sport Award, which is given to an athlete for relentless dedication to his or her career, and France was honored for winning the World Cup in July.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSUrgent reply from Philippine ‍football chiefSPORTSPalace wants Cayetano’s PHISGOC Foundation probed over corruption chargesSimone Biles was named World Sportswoman of the Year for winning four gold, one silver and one bronze medal at the gymnastics world championships. Naomi Osaka won the Breakthrough Award for winning the U.S. Open and Chloe Kim was named the World Action Sportsperson of the Year.The awards were given in recognition of outstanding sports performance in 2018. LATEST STORIES Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic winner of the World Sportsman of the Year award holds his trophy during the 2019 Laureus World Sports Awards, Monday, Feb. 18, 2019. (AP Photo/Claude Paris)MONACO — Tiger Woods, Novak Djokovic, Lindsey Vonn and the France national soccer team were among the winners at the Laureus World Sports Awards, with Woods claiming the Comeback Award 19 years after he was first recognized.Woods, who won the inaugural World Sportsman of the Year award in 2000, won the Tour Championship in September for his 80th PGA Tour title and his first since August 2013.ADVERTISEMENT Oil plant explodes in Pampanga town Grace Poe files bill to protect govt teachers from malicious accusations Private companies step in to help SEA Games hosting SEA Games hosting troubles anger Duterte Urgent reply from Philippine ‍football chief Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more

  • ICC World Twenty20: Manish Pandey likely to replace injured Yuvraj Singh in the semi-finals

    first_imgYuvraj Singh, who injured his ankle, during India’s six-wicket win over Australia yesterday at the Punjab Cricket Association Stadium in Mohali is likely to make way for Manish Pandey in ICC World Twenty20 semi-finals vs West Indies on Thursday.Yuvraj battled on bravely and partnered Virat Kohli for a 45-run stand and chipped in with a useful 21 off 18 balls.However, he has been largely out of form with the bat scoring only 52 runs from four matches in this tournament.His injury could be a dramatic call-up for Pandey who smashed a scintillating hundred for India against Australia in the final ODI of the five-match series at the Sydney Cricket Ground earlier this year.Ajinkya Rahane, who was warming the bench so far, is also back in focus ahead of the all-important clash.Sources in the BCCI said that Yuvraj, who sustained an ankle injury when setting off for a run against Australia at Mohali, went for a MRI scan soon after arriving here with the rest of the team members.As per reliable sources, Yuvraj had gone for MRI scan on arrival. The senior batsman is doing his rehab and medical staff is confident that he might be fit for semi-finalIn case Yuvraj doesn’t recover fully in time for the last-four game, either Rahane or Pandey might find a place in the playing XI on March 31.Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, speaking after the six-wicket win on Sunday night, said he is open to changes in the playing XI if the conditions demand.advertisement”I don’t know whether we should make changes but it is possible, depending on the wicket. We have to see Yuvraj’s injury as well. We would definitely like to have a replacement ready if the physio says his injury is bad,” he said.(With inputs from PTI)last_img read more

  • Fellaini: ‘Players remain united behind Mou’

    first_imgMarouane Fellaini says every Manchester United player remains behind under-pressure manager Jose Mourinho following a fourth straight game without a win against Valencia on Tuesday.United were held 0-0 by the out-of-form Spaniards in Group H of the Champions League following questions from Mourinho as to whether every player was pulling their weight in Saturday’s 3-1 loss to West Ham.And after taking part in a rare team huddle prior to kick-off, Fellaini explained that it was a show of unity between the players and a sign that Mourinho has their backing. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! “Everyone is going in the same direction to try to improve and to do better. I think we wanted to show that we are together,” the midfielder told reporters.“I think it was a bad day against West Ham. We were all bad. Today I think we showed improvement and we have to keep going.“[Whose idea was it?] Everybody. I think everybody is behind the manager. We have to do our best and do our job. We showed it today but we have to do better on Saturday.”The Belgian believes that continued hard work will dig United out of their current hole, starting at the weekend when they host struggling Newcastle United at Old Trafford but admitted that it was a frustrating evening against Valencia.“Yeah, but it was much better than West Ham. We put energy, effort, we run forward, we try to score the goal. OK we didn’t tonight, but we have to keep going.Michy Batshuayi Chris Smalling Manchester United Valencia UEFA Champions League 02102018“We have to continue to work hard. We have the next game Saturday and we play every three days so it is another chance to do better. We have to work hard and try to win on Saturday.“It is always good to win the game before the break for internationals. Yes, it’s important.“The spirit is there. You saw it today but we have to win on Saturday.Fellaini also backed his misfiring compatriot Romelu Lukaku to regain his scoring form soon after watching the United frontman fail to find the net for a fifth successive match, saying that it’s simply a matter of confidence.“It’s always like that, strikers have to score to be confident. At the moment he doesn’t but I hope he will score on Saturday and show his confidence and score goals.”Tuesday’s result sees United slip to second in their Champions League group, two points adrift of leaders Juventus and three ahead of third-placed Valencia, with a double-header against the Italians now on the horizon.last_img read more

  • India to host maiden mens World Boxing Championship in 2021

    first_img(Eds: updating with reactions, background and other details) New Delhi, Jul 25 (PTI) In a historic first for Indian boxing, the country will host the mens World Championship for the first time in 2021 besides next years womens World Championship, shaking off the last remnants of administrative turmoil that once plagued the sport. The International Boxing Association (AIBA) made the announcement at the end of its two-day executive committee meeting in Moscow. “… We are delighted to have the AIBA Mens World Championships 2019 confirmed for Sochi, and equally excited to announce New Delhi as host city in 2021 as the Boxing Federation of India continues to show its commitment to developing the sport,” AIBA President Dr Ching Kuo Wu said in a statement. “Following the presentation of the Turkish Boxing Federation, I know that Trabzon will also meet the demands of hosting the worlds biggest womens boxing tournament in 2019,” he added. India has never conducted the mens World Championship but has played host to the 2006 womens mega-event. The major mens boxing events hosted by India have been the 1990 World Cup in Mumbai and the 2010 Commonwealth Championships in New Delhi. “It is the first time ever that a country has been awarded two major Championships, that too back to back. The presentation made by us was adjudged the best by AIBA President,” Boxing Federation of India President Ajay Singh told PTI. “AIBA expects India to be a major powerhouse for boxing and getting these Championships is a giant leap in that direction,” he added. The development is quite significant given that India had a federation in place only last year after serving suspension and termination between 2012 and 2016 owing to administrative wrangling. “Great news all boxing fans and players!” tweeted Sports Minister Vijay Goel. After analysing the presentations, the AIBA Executive Committee unanimously awarded the 2019 womens World Championships to Trabzon, Turkey. The AIBA 2018 Congress was awarded to the Russian capital city of Moscow. “The strength of all of the bids we have seen today is the clearest indication yet of AIBAs successful efforts to amplify the prestige of its World Championships even further,” Dr Wu stated. The announcement expectedly led to elation in the Indian boxing fraternity Indias mens team coach Santiago Nieva, who is currently in France with this years World Championships-bound squad on a training-cum-competition trip, said getting the twin events hosting rights is nothing short of historic. “This is amazing for Indian boxing and definitely historic. It shows the power and resolve of the federation. Getting these Championships will be very important for Indian boxing for many years to come. It will make the boxers work hard,” he told PTI over phone. Womens chief coach Gurbax Singh Sandhu also expressed his delight. “I told the girls this morning and they were over the moon. The Boxing Federation of India has managed to get something really big for India and now it is upto the boxers to live up to the expectations,” Sandhu said. PTI PM AH AHadvertisementlast_img read more

  • World Cup party gone wrong: 27 hurt in Nice as firecrackers cause stampede

    first_imgFrance was understandably jubilant as they reached their third World Cup final on Tuesday after beating Belgium 1-0 in the 2018 FIFA World Cup semi-final.It was France’s third final in the last five World Cups and they beat Belgium, one of the tournament favourites — a team that outsmarted Brazil in the quarter-final.It was all down to the compact nature and disciplined performance that France put up and despite of Belgium seeing a lot of the ball and creating chances, it were the French who took the cake.Kylian Mbappe was as usual a menace with his speed and skills. Paul Pogba had some incisive passes to make and put in an excellent shift defensively. Antoine Griezmann was delightfully intelligent with his on and off the ball movement. Overall, the French played smarter football and reaped its rewards.2018 FIFA WORLD CUP: FULL COVERAGEWhile the French fans in Russia enjoyed the stadium ambience and partied all night, back home the fans were no different. Fans in Nice were gathered for celebration but it took an ugly turn by the end of the match.Revellers let off firecrackers moments before the final whistle of France’s World Cup semi-final against Belgium and 27 football fans were hurt in the stampede that followed.The incident underscored how the city on the French Riviera remains on edge two years after an Islamist militant drove a refrigerator truck through a crowd celebrating Bastille Day, killing 86 people.”There was a crowd surge after firecrackers were detonated,” Jean-Gabriel Delacroix from the city prefecture said, saying that 27 people were injured. “Most of the injuries are glass cuts and bruising picked up when people fell.”advertisementAlso read – France reach 3rd World Cup final, Belgium’s unbeaten streak ends: Key statsLocal media ran images of shaken onlookers standing around overturned tables and chairs, the ground littered with broken glass. Reuters could not independently confirm the pictures.Even in Paris on the Champs-Elysees, their were clashes pictures of which showed a bit of chaod with the police trying to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Pogba dedicated France’s semi-final victory to the 12 survivors of the Thailand cave rescue mission as the country advanced to their third final in the last five World Cups.Soon after France’s win, Pogba a photograph of the French national team celebrating the victory yet saying that there was still a job at hand.Also read- World Cup 2018: Samuel Umtiti proud of Les Bleus as France storm into finalImmediately after that, he shared a collage of the pictures of all the 12 boys and dedicated the French victory to them. He wrote, “This victory goes to the heroes of the day, well done boys, you are so strong”.This victory goes to the heroes of the day, well done boys, you are so strong #thaicaverescue #chiangrai Pogba (@paulpogba) July 10, 2018France will face either England or Croatia in the final on Sunday.(With Reuters inputs)last_img read more



  • Anybody who takes a World Cup penalty is one of bravest people on the pitch

    first_img Jordan Pickford: from non-league novice to World Cup hero in six years Share on Pinterest My view is: how can you practise taking a penalty when you’re going up to try to get your team in to a final or to save your team? How can you replicate that on the training field? You can only practise where you’re going to put the ball but you cannot give that person anything else to make him feel what it’s like to be in that situation, as Dier was. It’s absolutely impossible.People out there have to understand it’s not as easy as it seems. That’s why you start with your banker, like Harry Kane did against Colombia, and we did with Gary Lineker – to make sure you score. We could have had Gary Lineker at the end, for glory, but is the shootout going to get to the end? You saw with Chelsea and John Terry [in the 2008 Champions League final] – he wanted to be at the end, he was looking for glory, and slips over. Could he have been one of the better takers and gone earlier? Who knows: it’s six of one and half a dozen of the other.I think a lot about Chris Waddle’s miss and I don’t see a problem because Chris was immense in that tournament, he never put a foot wrong. So he walks up and I’m thinking to myself: ‘This is not a problem.’ The other side was: ‘Oh my God, I’m going to be coming up soon.’ Seriously, I believed Chris was going to score and the competition would move on, but it never materialised. Paul Parker moves in to tackle Lothar Matthäus in Turin. Photograph: Professional Sport/Popperfoto/Getty Images Pinterest I have to say I was nervous when Eric Dier stepped up to take England’s fifth penalty as he hadn’t had the best game until then after coming on as a substitute against Colombia. But when he scored and England were through to the quarter-finals that way I celebrated, for sure.Anybody who takes a penalty is one of the bravest people on the pitch. When our World Cup semi-final went to penalties against West Germany in 1990 the first thing I was thinking was: ‘I hope I don’t have to take one.’ I was concerned with crossing the halfway line, never mind taking penalties, at that time.There was no pre-plan of who would take the kicks for us from Sir Bobby Robson. You knew the ones who definitely would – Gary Lineker was always going to be our banker – and after that I think it was a case of who wanted to take one. It got down to there being one place left and while Chris Waddle didn’t really want to take it he put his hand up. Still, what’s the better of two evils: to lose the semi-final or the final? I don’t know what’s worse to be perfectly honest. Every two years when there’s a major tournament people remind you just how close it was. But in football terms it wasn’t that close because it never happened. It did, though, for Gareth Southgate’s team and I am so happy for them.Paul Parker was talking to Jamie Jackson Read more World Cup Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. Share on Facebook Facebook features Share via Email The feeling when you’re knocked out on penalties? There’s a picture of me with my hands over my face. I was just drained. But it was a position I never thought I’d ever be in. So at that given moment I don’t think I wanted to break down in tears.It was a moment that seemed unrealistic to actually experience in my career: 15 or 20 minutes away from potentially playing in the World Cup final. I was playing in a World Cup semi-final, which was as big as it came at that time. It is only as time has gone on that I’ve realised the magnitude of that match. Reuse this contentcenter_img Share on Messenger Share on LinkedIn World Cup Jordan Pickford Unlike the game today – and as we saw with Gareth Southgate’s England – there hadn’t been anything before the game, nothing at half-time, about what would occur if it was to go to penalties. I don’t think anyone was thinking that. We were the first England team to be involved in a shootout.Now everyone talks about it, but you talked then about winning a game in 90 minutes or extra time. You didn’t believe penalties were going to happen. More than anything I was hoping it wasn’t going to go beyond the first five as it would’ve been between me and Peter Shilton over who was going to take the last one.Now homework is done all the time regarding penalties – which way the goalkeeper’s going to go, that kind of thing. But in football there’s always a learning period – 1990 was a learning period. England were in a penalty shootout for the first time and didn’t win, so it then became a very negative discussion about how the side hadn’t been prepared.Today everyone’s an expert, saying you should be practising penalties – social media means there are those who are able to voice, in their multi-millions, that they have a better idea than people who are elite professionals. World Cup 2018 Twitter England Share on Twitter Praised by Southgate and Pickford – who are England’s backroom staff? Share on WhatsApp Read more Topicslast_img read more

  • Ash Barty falls short of consecutive US Open doubles titles

    first_imgAshleigh Barty Read more Read more No woman has pulled off the singles and doubles double at the season-ending championships since Martina Hingis in 2000. Regardless of which way she goes, Barty will leave New York delighted with her performances at the 2019 majors.“It has been a great grand slam season,” she said. “I have made the second week in every grand slam, which is something that I am really proud of. It was a goal I set out at the start of the year and I think we have been very consistent across the whole year, which is the most pleasing thing.“To get back to No.1 is really exciting but it is certainly not something that I am thinking about right now. It’s more about digesting what has just happened.” Ashleigh Barty plans to take stock before deciding whether or not to pursue a rare chance of winning both the singles and doubles titles at the WTA season-ending championships.Barty fell a win short of crowning her triumphant grand slam season with a second straight US Open doubles title after losing Sunday’s final with Victoria Azarenka 7-5, 7-5 to third seeds Aryna Sabalenka and Elise Mertens. Since you’re here… Share on Pinterest Share on LinkedIn Share on Twitter Support The Guardian Topics Bianca Andreescu sees a remarkable vision come true at US Open US Open tennis newscenter_img US Open Tennis 2019 US sports Tennis Australia sport The Recap: sign up for the best of the Guardian’s sport coverage Share on Messenger Share via Email After reigning last year with Coco Vandeweghe, Australia’s French Open champion had been bidding to become the first player to claim back-to-back women’s doubles trophies at Flushing Meadows since Nathalie Dechy in 2007.“It’s satisfying without being completely fulfilled,” Barty said. “We were so close. We’ve had a hell of a run in doubles and to think we’ve only played a handful of tournaments and we’ve done a really good job this tournament and gone deep.“Disappointing obviously. We would have loved to have won our first slam together but certainly a fortnight that we’ve enjoyed.”The 23-year-old can console herself in the knowledge she will regain the world No 1 singles ranking on Monday.And despite the defeat, Barty also remains in strong contention to become the first player to qualify for both the singles and doubles at the year-end championships in China since Karolina Pliskova in 2016.Barty is already the only player to have secured her entry in singles and is now in ninth spot with Azarenka in the Race to Shenzhen, which features the top eight doubles pairings of the year.The first-year duo will weigh up whether or not to push for doubles inclusion during the Asian swing.“I think we just see how both of our bodies are and kind of reassess that,” Barty said. “Obviously when we both play we want to make sure that we’re 100% healthy and ready to go.” Share on WhatsApp Share on Facebook … we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading and supporting The Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many new organisations, we have chosen an approach that allows us to keep our journalism accessible to all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford. But we need your ongoing support to keep working as we do.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism, to maintain our openness and to protect our precious independence. Every reader contribution, big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. Reuse this contentlast_img read more


    first_imgIt was a thrilling end to a night of great Touch last night at the Woolgoolga Touch Association’s Grand Final night. The Men’s Open grand final went right down to the wire, with a drop-off in the fading light needed to determine the winners. A large crowd was gathered to watch local rugby league boys, Just Fish take on Handi-Hire in the final. Just Fish started the game well with Nathan Graham scoring a touchdown early in the match to put his team ahead 1-0. Graham then set up his team’s second touchdown when his flick pass put Michael Jeffery over the line; Just Fish were ahead 2-0. Just Fish held Handi-Hire scoreless for quite a while, with good defense on their line. There were too many mistakes and dropped balls by Handi-Hire for them to convert their hard work into touchdowns. Blake Seymour from Just Fish put his team up 3-0 and hopes were beginning to fade for Handi-Hire. When a Just Fish player was subbed, Handi-Hire’s Jason Sahdra took advantage of the situation and scored, making the score 3-1. Both teams scored two more touchdowns before half time, Just Fish ahead 5-3 going into the break. Handi-Hire came out firing in the second half, scoring the first two touchdowns, bringing the score to 5-5 and exciting the crowd. As the game intensified the touches got harder and the minutes and light began to fade. Handi-Hire’s veteran player, Basil Badhni scored a touchdown to put his team in the lead for the first time throughout the match. Handi-Hire looked as though they had their victory sealed after Taj Dosanjh scored a touchdown to make the score 7-5. But Just Fish weren’t going down without a fight. Captain Arthur Murray scored a touchdown before Cole Duncombe evened the score right on the full time siren with a length of the field touchdown. And so a drop-off began. The crowd was restless, questions were flying and the light was almost gone. When the teams got down to three players on three the crowd was calling for car headlights to be shone on the field, but this wasn’t needed as Just Fish player Cole Duncombe scored his second touchdown and claimed victory for his team. Just Fish Captain Arthur Murray was pleased with the way his team performed. “I thought we played well tonight, we’re not Touch players really, and they are, so it was good to win,” said Murray. The Men’s Open grand final was the end of a great night for Woolgoolga Touch. Grand Finals were also played in the Men’s over 35’s division and the Women’s Open division. Gelroo were victorious over Flat Top Engineering in the Men’s 35’s with touchdowns going to Phil Hopkins, Chris Seymour and Andy Muir for the Gelroo’s and Paul Chambers for Flat Top Engineering. Some great skill and promise was shown in the Women’s Open grand final with Amble Inn beating Ryan Earthmoving, 9-1. An impressive performance by Amble Inn’s Bonnie Miller-Tucker saw her score three touchdowns for her team. Julie Wales also scored two touchdowns to contribute to her team’s victory. The Australian Touch Association staff that attended the Grand Final night at Woolgoolga would like to thank Matt Wood and the other volunteers at Woolgoolga Touch and congratulate them on running a fantastic local touch association. By Lisa Plummerlast_img read more

  • Sea Trucks Signs Accommodation Vessel Provision Contract

    first_img My location 此页面无法正确加载 Google 地图。您是否拥有此网站?确定 Sea Trucks Group, November 15, 2013 Print  Close zoom  Sea Trucks Group announced the award of a contract from Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, a leading global offshore services company, for the provision of an accommodation vessel for the Arkutun-Dagi Project operated by Exxon Neftegas Limited in Sakhalin, Russia.Sea Truck’s Jascon 25 vessel will be used for the project, which is expected to commence in Q2 2014 for a duration of 120 days, with options to extend the contract up to 90 days. The capacity of the vessel will be increased with modular accommodation units to accommodate up to 595 people on board.Jacques J. Roomans, President & CEO commented: “We are delighted to win this contract which reflects the confidence our customers have in our assets and our people. We look forward to working on this project, which gives us the opportunity to obtain unique experience of operating in new challenging geographies.”last_img read more

  • Maritime Museum Celebrates Cunard 175th Anniversary with Special Exhibit

    first_imgThe Maritime Museum will open Cunard 175: Engine for Change, a temporary exhibit, on Friday, July 10. This exhibit commemorates the 175th anniversary of the arrival of Cunard’s first flagship Britannia and coincides with the arrival of Queen Mary 2 in the Port of Halifax, after making the same transatlantic voyage from Liverpool, England to Halifax. Sir Samuel Cunard’s vision and achievement in revolutionizing maritime travel and global communications to create an “ocean railway” with comfortable, technologically advanced ships making oceanic passages is continued by today’s Cunard Cruise Line. The museum will provide visitors with glimpses of Cunard’s early years, sharing his vision and achievements in commerce, pursuits in shipping innovation and ventures in global communications. Museum visitors can discover how Cunard helped drive deep changes in communications over the last two centuries, creating the modern, interconnected world we live in today. Hands-on experiences will bring alive the history of commercial activity on the Halifax waterfront to the workings aboard ship and technological evolution, from steam to engine. “We are proud to commemorate the achievements of Sir Samuel Cunard, a Haligonian, who was a real early innovator of embracing opportunities and change, a true inspiration that all Nova Scotians and Canadians should be proud of,” said Kim Reinhardt, museum manager, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. On Friday, July 10, at 4:30 p.m. there will be free admission at the Maritime Museum to celebrate the exhibit reception of Cunard 175: Engine for Change. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is the oldest and largest maritime museum in Canada. Founded in 1948, this exciting cultural and educational institution has permanent exhibits on the 1917 Halifax Explosion, the story of Canada’s connection to the Titanic disaster, the history of the Canadian Navy, and CSS Acadia, a 102-year-old hydrographic vessel and national historic site docked at the museum wharf on Halifax’s dynamic downtown waterfront.last_img read more

  • Five stories in the news for today June 7

    first_imgFive stories in the news for Wednesday, June 7———SAJJAN TO ANNOUNCE DEFENCE POLICY REVIEWMinister Harjit Sajjan will announce the government’s defence policy review today, which is expected to make the case for billions in new military spending. In a speech Tuesday, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Canada’s new foreign policy will involve spending on “hard power” military capability because the country can’t rely on an American ally that has turned inward. Finance Minister Bill Morneau has also hinted that future defence budgets could become noticeably fatter after his department spent “a huge amount of time” working on the defence review.———CROSS-EXAMINATION OF COSBY’S CHIEF ACCUSER CONTINUES TODAYCross-examination of Bill Cosby’s chief accuser will continue when court resumes today. Canadian Andrea Constand took the stand at Cosby’s sexual assault trial Tuesday to tell her story publicly for the first time, saying the comedian violated her after giving her three blue pills that left her paralyzed and helpless. Cosby, 79, is charged with drugging and sexually abusing Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. The TV star once dubbed America’s Dad could get 10 years in prison if convicted.———FEW WOMEN ON BOARDS OF CORPORATE CANNABIS: INDUSTRY INSIDERSWomen may be under-represented in the boardrooms of corporate Canada, but the disparity is larger in the medical marijuana business. Only five per cent of the board seats at publicly traded marijuana producers are currently occupied by women, according to an analysis of data conducted by The Canadian Press. Some blame the gender gap on the fact that many directors and executives in the marijuana business world come from traditionally male-dominated industries such as venture capital, investment banking and mining.———JURY TRIAL TO BEGIN FOR ALBERTA TRIPLE MURDER SUSPECTThe trial for a southern Alberta man accused of killing three people including a father and his daughter is scheduled to begin today before a judge and jury. Derek Saretzky was originally charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Terry Blanchette and his two-year-old daughter Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette in September 2015. Last year police added a third first-degree murder charge in the slaying of Hanne Meketech whose death occurred five days before the others.———UNION SAYS WINNIPEG WARNS WAGE FREEZE FOR WORKERSWinnipeg’s largest union says it is will vote today on the latest contract offer from the city, which asks them to take a one-year-wage freeze. The Canadian Union of Public Employees says if the offer is rejected, that will give the union a strike mandate. The city’s latest proposal consists of a one-year wage freeze, followed by one per cent increases over the next two years and a 1.25 per cent increase in year four.last_img read more

  • Hydro One deal to buy US company Avista receives antitrust clearance

    first_imgTORONTO – Hydro One Ltd. says it has received antitrust clearance in the United States for its deal to acquire U.S. energy company Avista Corp.The Ontario-based utility says the 30-day waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act expired Thursday night.Hydro One announced the friendly deal to acquire Avista last summer in an agreement that valued the company at $6.7 billion.The deal still requires several other approvals, including those from utility commissions in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Alaska.The U.S. Federal Communications Commission must also sign off on the transaction and clearance is required by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.The agreement has received approval from the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission as well as Avista shareholders.Companies in this story: (TSX:H)last_img read more

  • Moroccan Gay Asylum Applicants Face Abuse and Harassment in Ceuta and

    Rabat – About 30 gay and lesbian Moroccan students have recently applied for gender-based asylum in Spain, joining the ranks of numerous asylum applicants held in the centers enduring “inhuman conditions.”The 30 men and women were placed in reception centers for undocumented immigrants in Melilla, pending the status of their asylum procedures in Spain,  reports Assabah Daily in its January 18 edition.Spanish authorities in Melilla said they have been receiving increasing numbers of asylum applications related to sexual orientation after a high-profile case in 2013 when a gay Moroccan man publicly announced that he is seeking asylum in Spain. However, migrants arriving in the Spanish overseas territories of Melilla and Ceuta seeking gender-based asylum “are exposed to harassment and abuse,” according to Human Rights Watch.“LGBT asylum seekers who fled homophobic harassment and intimidation at home face similar abuse in Ceuta, both at the immigration center and on the street,” said Judith Sunderland, associate Europe and Central Asia director at Human Rights Watch.During a visit to Ceuta in mid 2017, Human Rights Watch spoke with three gay men, two from Morocco and one from Algeria, kept at the immigration center pending the approval of their asylum applications.They said that they fled their home countries due to “extreme abuse, physical violence by family members, [and] repeated and widespread societal rejection.”Ahmed, a 29-year-old Moroccan, told Human Rights Watch that he fled Morocco only to experience the same kind of discrimination at the hands of other people staying in the migration center.“They tell me if they see me outside [the center] they’ll beat me,” he said. “They come after me, and I run. One time, in November or December, they hit me.”Another person explained, “I came to Ceuta. I didn’t have any other choice but to ask for asylum. But here it’s terrible. I am desperate. Ceuta is just like Morocco. One time I was at the beach, and a man who was a little older than me offered me a joint. I said no. He wanted to have sex, but I said no, and he threw a rock at me and hit me. I went to the police. At first, they didn’t want to take my complaint. They didn’t do anything.” read more

  • UK motor industry and government commit to investment and longterm growth in

    Click through to download the SMMT news release and full strategy document.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) A joint UK motor industry and government automotive strategy has today committed to invest well over £1bn in additional funds over the next 10 years to secure the growth and development of its vehicle and component manufacturing sector. This new funding supports multi-billion pound investments announced in the last few years by global automotive companies to boost production capacity and develop new technologies and models.Developed under Automotive Council guidance, industry and government will fund and resource investments in a range of projects including the creation of an Advanced Propulsion Centre, thousands of new motor industry apprenticeships and the creation of an Automotive Investment Organisation. The development of the strategy also sees the provision of finance for tooling investments in the supply chain, and a renewed commitment to encourage the UK as a lead market in the production and sale of low emission vehicles.The key elements of the strategy include:Technology – the creation of an Advanced Propulsion Centre to support and enhance the UK’s expertise in research and development.Inward investment – the creation of the Automotive Investment Organisation to drive UK investment by global automotive component companies.Skills – an industry framework for skills and a skills roadmap, including the creation of 7,600 apprenticeships and 1,700 graduate opportunities in the automotive industry over the next five years.Supply chain – driving growth and competitiveness including creating a framework with suppliers, vehicle manufacturers and banking organisations to solve the problem of financing tooling investment.Low carbon – financial support to encourage consumers into lower emission vehicles, and to grow investment in the manufacture of low and ultra-low emissions vehicles and components.Business environment – establishing better cross-government relationships by including HM Treasury on the Automotive Council to ensure the UK remains an attractive place to invest.“The motor industry is a major contributor to the UK economy and has been increasing that contribution in a challenging economic environment. In partnership with government, we have now developed a roadmap to secure further long-term growth that is detailed in the strategy document launched today. Our goals are to grow vehicle production and component supply with more investment, jobs and advanced technology developed in the UK,” said Mike Baunton, SMMT Interim Chief Executive. “The Automotive Council is an exemplar of industry and government working together to build long-term success and it is through the Council that we will implement the roadmap. I am confident that the strategy and the joint investment by government and the industry will make the UK an even more attractive place to design, build and sell automotive components and vehicles.”Click through to read the full UK automotive strategy. read more

  • Sporting beat Porto in Portuguese derby

    Sporting beat Porto 31:25 in derby match of Portuguese handball. The reigning champions overtook position number 1 six matches until the end of regular season. The Spanish playmaker Carlos Ruesga was the TOP scorer of the winning team with 9 goals.Porto – Sporting 25-31Porto Hugo Laurentino, Sérgio Morgado; Victor Iturriza (4), Spelic (1), Yoel Morales, Miguel Martins (7), Ángel Hernández (3), Rui Silva (6), Daymaro Salina (2), Jose Carrillo, Diogo Branquinho (1), António Areia, André Gomes, Miguel Alves, Aleksander SpendeSporting Aljosa Cudic, Matevz Skok; Pedro Valdes (2), Pedro Portela (3), Michal Kopco (1), Bosko Bjelanovic, Cláudio Pedroso (2), Carlos Ruesga (9), Frankis Carol (2), Pedro Solha, Tiago Rocha (2), Carlos Carneiro (2), Francisco Tavares, Edmilson Araújo (2), Ivan Nikcevic (3), Felipe BorgesSTANDINGS:1. Sporting 20 18 1 1 687:488 572. Porto 21 17 1 3 641:478 563. Benfica 20 17 1 2 613:475 554. ABC Braga 21 14 3 4 607:516 525. Avanca 21 13 2 6 602:577 496. Belenenses 21 12 1 8 567:567 467. Madeira 21 11 1 9 594:568 448. Aquas Santas 21 10 1 10 571:542 429. Boa Hora 21 7 1 13 565:628 3610. Maia-Ismai 21 6 1 14 515:558 3411. AC Fafe 21 4 2 15 522:605 3112. Arsenal 21 4 1 16 495:650 3013. Xico Andebol 21 2 2 17 517:669 2714. Sao Bernardo 21 1 2 18 457:632 25 FC Porto handballSporting Lisbon handball ← Previous Story Petar Nenadic before EHF CL come-back: Ready for any role which Ljubo prepares for me Next Story → Wolff brings points to Kiel against Veszprem read more

  • Heres how you can see the first White Tailed Sea Eagles born

    first_imgTHE FIRST WHITE Tailed Sea Eagles born in Ireland in over a century can now be viewed by the public in a new viewing and information point launched in County Clare.In 2011, the Mountshannon breeding pair, a six-year-old male and five-year-old female, were collected as chicks on the island of Frøya off the west coast of Norway by the Golden Eagle Trust.The birds were released in Killarney National Park before relocating to Lough Derg in 2011. Source: D CoombesThe pair, named Saoirse and Caimin, created history in 2013 when they reared the first chicks to fly from a nest in Ireland in 110 years. The pair successfully hatched another chick in late April of this year.The new viewing and information point officially opened on the shores of Lough Derg today in County Clare.Located at Mountshannon Pier and operated by Mountshannon Community Council, the Golden Eagle Trust and Clare County Council, the new viewing point features telescopes and information and displays about the White Tailed Sea Eagles.The facility will remain open until the end of September.Norway’s Ambassador to Ireland, Roald Næss joined Mayor of Clare Councillor John Crowe in Mountshannon today as his country has been closely linked with the Golden Eagle Trust’s programme who are helping to reintroduce the bird to Ireland. Source: Sean CurtinMayor of Clare John Crowe said the viewing point is a great way for the public to view the birds without disturbing them.He said the new viewing point “will help to further safeguard these impressive birds and their nesting activities, as well as to promote their ecology and conservation”.Norwegian Ambassador to Ireland, Roald Næss said:Norway is home to one of the largest White Tailed Sea Eagle populations in the world and has been instrumental in helping organisations such as the Golden Eagle Trust to reintroduce the species to countries where the bird once flourished but is no longer found. Being able to view this breeding pair thrive here in County Clare is a tribute to everyone concerned and I hope the people who visit this viewing point truly value what is happening here.Dr. Allan Mee, White Tailed Sea Eagle project manager said having a nesting pair of eagles “here on our doorstep is a unique and one that the local community in Mountshannon will I’m sure help nurture into the future”. Read: The first white-tailed eagle chicks of the year have been born>Read: Soar like an eagle with this amazing point-of-view video>last_img read more

  • ASA CEO Talks TPP on RFDTV Panel Thursday Night

    first_imgAmerican Soybean Association (ASA) CEO Steve Censky is participating in a discussion on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), along with other top agriculture leaders Thursday at 9 p.m. CST on RFD-TV.The panel will explore what TPP is, why it is beneficial to farmers and ranchers and how it could impact the future of agriculture. Censky will provide ASA’s views on the benefits of TPP on this special RFD-TV show.ASA supports ratification of the 12-nation trade pact and continues to urge Congress to work toward passage. Specifically by market, the TPP would provide positive benefits for the U.S. food and agriculture sector, primarily through new export market access in Japan and Vietnam—two countries where the agricultural sectors are currently protected by high tariffs. For soybean farmers, the benefits of the TPP come in the form of increased soy exports, as well as through increased soybean meal sales domestically to U.S. livestock producers who would see significantly higher exports under the TPP as barriers to U.S. meat, poultry and dairy products are eliminated.Thursday’s panel also includes National Cattlemen’s Beef Association President Tracy Brunner; National Council of Farmer Cooperatives President /CEO Chuck Conner; American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall; National Pork Producers Council President John Weber; and National Milk Producers Federation President/CEO James Mulhern.Viewers can call in with questions or comments at 1-877-731-6733.last_img read more

  • NW Natural reports 74M loss cuts rates 2 percent

    first_imgReduced natural gas use over the summer caused a loss of $7.4 million, or 28 cents per share, for NW Natural Gas Co. in the quarter ending Sept. 30, the company reported Friday. The loss follows a seasonal pattern of reduced gas usage during the summer months. NW Natural reported a loss of $6.7 million, or 25 cents per share, during the same quarter in 2009. The company remains profitable so far this year with a net income of $43.1 million, or $1.62 per share. Washington residential customers will see a 2 percent rate decrease starting Nov. 1, resulting in an average savings of $1.23 per month, according to NW Natural. The rate cut is larger than the 0.8 percent predicted in September thanks to the continued decline of wholesale natural gas prices, said NW Natural spokeswoman Kim Heiting. Commercial rates will also decrease by 2.1 percent, or an average savings of $6.16 per month for business customers, according to the company.last_img read more